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If you want to learn to market online, it’s important to understand the difference between selling and marketing. These two words are often used interchangeably but as I’ll demonstrate, the approach and presentation can be quite different.


Learning to be an effective marketer is a bit of an art form and there will be a learning curve but if you learn to market online effectively, you could gain a huge competitive advantage over people who only try to sell.


Selling Is A Numbers Game 


Many people who try to sell online will attempt to write some sort of short article about a product followed by a simple call to action. Something along the lines of: Are you looking for ______? Click here.


Then they proceed to plaster their sales message across the internet on any website or article directory that will allow it. The idea is that if they sling enough mud against the wall, some of it is bound to stick. That may be an over-simplified example but the effect is usually the same; “If your going to buy X, why not buy it from me”


One of the problems with this method is there there are millions of other people trying to sell the same stuff with the same approach. While some of this mud may stick, it would be quite difficult to build a scalable business using this method. Not to mention the fact that new “mud slingers” are coming online in droves. It gets harder and harder to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


Let me show you a quick example of the difference between selling and marketing:



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When I read something like this my first thought is, “This person definitely intends to sell something to me.”



Are your sales in the toilet? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out how to bring in new customers? In 2 hours I can show you how to use simple and FREE methods to leave most of your competition in the dust!


See the difference? With the second example I am hitting a “hot button” issue and offering a solution. Both links go to the same offer but the approach can make all difference between a prospect clicking your link and clicking the back button.


Of course the goal of almost any marketing campaign is to create sales. But it goes far beyond the simple “Hey, buy my stuff” approach. It is the ability to find the readers emotional “hot buttons”, show them that you understand their problem or desire and offer them a solution. This can allow you to position yourself as a credible source and a “go to” person when they are searching for solutions or ideas within that particular niche.


Show them the benefit and they’ll show you the money!


Sometimes I find myself on a website reading about a product or service that I believe I could benefit from and depending on the price, I may buy right on the spot. If it’s a bit pricey or sounds too good to be true however, I will usually do more research. That research might lead to me making a purchase and sometimes this is because I can actually “see” the benefit.


Here’s an example:


A lot of people are looking for information on how to sell other companies products online so I created a short tutorial on the subject. I didn’t just create a page telling people where to go to learn this. I show people how to get started step-by-step and link them to FREE resources they can use to follow along. Wouldn’t you agree that showing someone how to do something is MUCH better than just telling them where to go to learn more?


A good marketer will experience higher conversion rates and have a much better chance of repeated sales. If you want to sell online, be prepared for a never ending game of “chasing” new customers. If you want to have a profitable business that has customers visiting and revisiting you, learn to market online.


Learn To Market Online The Right Way


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