Credible Online Jobs

It’s not easy to find credible online jobs. If you’ve been looking, you are probably starting to suspect that. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites out there claiming they can help you find credible online jobs, but how legit are they? Let’s look at the online job market from a practical perspective.


There are plenty of people who have jobs that require nothing more than performing computer based tasks. It stands to reason then, that these tasks can be just as easily performed in your own home. Why bother with commuting?…..  or even getting dressed for that mater!


Global Competition 


It’s a mater of basic economics really. If an employer doesn’t require your physical presence, they can easily outsource those kinds of jobs to countries where people work for much lower wages. This is a problem for people who live in the U.S. Why would an employer pay you $10 per hour to perform tasks that can be outsourced to someone who will work for $50 per month?


While technology has created many new jobs, it has also made the world a much smaller place so to speak. Many jobs are no longer insulated from the vast oceans that separate the continents. Global competition paired with economic disparities puts U.S.  (and other industrialized nations) job seekers at a tremendous disadvantage.




Freelancing has become a popular way for people to earn money from home. As a freelancer, you work on independent contractor basis. Companies post technical jobs they need done and freelancers bid on those jobs. These are mostly one time jobs and once the job is complete, you need to find the next job to bid on.


Again, since it is a global market, you will likely need to have harder to find skills in order to find good paying jobs in this kind of job market. If you develop a reputation for producing on time, quality work however, you can overcome the disadvantages of global competition.


Online Job Services


There are memberships sites who, for a fee,  claim to match online job seekers with employers. I have yet to read about any success stories using these services. Some people have found low paying temporary jobs but that’s about it. As far as I can tell, your best bet for finding credible online jobs is search and apply directly with companies who offer such positions.


Online Job Scams


I ran into a few of these when I was first looking to earn money online. I even wrote a review about one of them. (Your can read it here). They claim that you can earn money by helping Fortune 500 companies advertise their products online. Sounds simple enough right? You write a product ad, post it online and collect your pay. Wrong!


This is what they tell you in their sales copy but this is NOT what they teach you to do. You need to write articles based on these products, post them in article directories or on your website and get visitors to buy that product. You are not paid to advertise, you are paid a commission to sell. There is a huge difference.


Internet Marketing


Selling other companies products online for a commission is also known as internet marketing or affiliate marketing. This is a legitimate way to earn money online and many people are making great money doing this. However, this is not what most people would consider to be a job. It is a business. It takes time to build a steady income through affiliate marketing but it’s often a great source of passive income.



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