What Is Work At Home University?

What Is Work At Home University


There are lots of “work from home” programs out there in cyber space and I really enjoy looking at their offers and dissecting them. Today, it’s Work At Home University.


Product: Work At Home (WAH) University
Website: https://www.wahedu.com/
Price:       $97
Rank:       2 Out Of 10

The Offer

One thing I have to credit Work At Home University with is the fact that their sales page isn’t 10 miles long with tons of “pie in the sky” claims and phony testimonies. It’s pretty short and to the point while purposely being left as vague as a daily horoscope or a “fortune” cracked out of a cookie.


To the internet marketing laymen, it could actually seem pretty legitimate but there are a few red flags and I want to focus on those for a minute.



3-months….er…. 3-month of unlimited access? If there is a 1 time fee, why does your unlimited access have a time limit? And what will you be losing access to? I am curious, but not $97 worth of curiosity.


7 days a week phone and email support. I know many people will view phone support as a benefit, but it’s also a great way to get yourself put on a list of professional “call you at diner time” people. (No offence telemarketers) Either that, or you will be pressured into buying even more expensive (and often less helpful) coaching programs.


Now, I don’t want to falsely accuse anyone of unethical or underhanded business practices, so I looked at their privacy policy.


This was copied from their privacy policy page:





When they say “we may use your information” what they mean to say is “we will definitely use your information”.


They also say “We may also transfer your personally identifiable information trusted third parties……”

Who is a “trusted” third party? Anyone who will pay for that information I suppose.

Work At Home University Training


This particular course is over 4 years old which is actually pretty old by internet marketing standards. That means that some (if not all) of the training is likely to be outdated. In fact, I know some of it is.


Social Bookmarking

NOBODY talks about using social bookmarking anymore. It was a trendy thing to do about 5-10 years ago but no successful internet marketers see this as a viable source of traffic.

Article Marketing

Article marketing was hugely popular and quite effective for many years but it no longer works as well as it once did. Search engines are now favoring authority sites over article directories so your time is much better spent writing articles for your own website or blog.


Other than that, there are very vague descriptions of what you’ll be learning and most of it can be learned for free. The problem is, if you’re new to this industry, it’s hard to separate the “cream” from the “crap” when it comes to finding credible information.

Advanced Training


Work At Home University also claims to teach techniques that are NOT suited for the beginner. Techniques such as:


  • Pay Per Click
  • List Building With Auto-Responders
  • Video Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Creating Your Own Products
  • Finding Affiliates To Promote Your Products For You
  • Setting Up Payment Processing


There is nothing wrong with learning these techniques after you learn how to build a profitable website, drive traffic to your website and monetize that traffic. Putting the “cart before the horse” could end up costing you a small fortune with nothing to show for it.

My Final Word


If you really want to learn how to build a successful online business, Work At Home University is probably not the way to go. You will be focusing on mostly outdated techniques that will only frustrate you and sending looking for the next opportunity. Haven’t you done enough of that already?


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