What Is Two Dollar Click?

Is Two Dollar Click Legit?


Two Dollar Click is another banner farm with a signup to join a PTC (pay to click) website. Two Dollar Click looks like a typical PTC scam where you are promised easy money for simply watching short ads. People who join these sites for free never get paid while those who pay for memberships actually lose money!


Product: Two Dollar Click
Website:  http://www.twodollarclick.com
Owner:     Unknown
Price:        Depends On Membership Level
Rating:     0


What Is Two Dollar Click?

When I began my search for ways to make money online, I came by a few of these PTC sites. It was exciting to see money piling up in my account by simply watching 30 second ads. It was nowhere near two dollars per click, but it was easy money (so I thought).

The problem was, one day those sites disappeared taking my earnings along with it! I later learned that this is quite common within the PTC industry. Fortunately, the only thing I lost was the time I put into to clicking. But, what about the people who paid for views or referrals?


Paid Ads On Two Dollar Click

If Two Dollar Click is going to pay you to click ads, it stands to reason that someone is paying Two Dollar Clicks to have their ads shown, right? This is where the math gets interesting.

Link Ads

If you want to run a simple link ad on their site, you can buy 1,000 clicks for $5. That equals a half a cent per click. I don’t know how they can pay someone $2 for click that they were only paid half a cent for!

Banner Ads

You need to open an account and login to see banner ad prices.


You can buy referrals (same as a downline in an MLM) in increments of 10 for $1 a piece. So, you can buy 10 referrals for $10 and so on. The idea behind gathering a bunch of referrals is so you can also earn money based on their activity. How much can earn depends on your level of membership as well as the level of membership of the respective referrals.


Membership Levels

Free – You can opt for the free membership level but you are limited to the number of ads you can click per day. It also pays the lowest amount for your referral’s activities.

Golden Monthly – You can purchase a Golden Monthly Membership for $19,95 per month. You can pay up to 6 months in advance for a total of $119.70

Ultimate Monthly – This level of membership will set you back $39.95 per month and like the last example, you can pay up to 6 months in advance for $239.70

Personally, I would NOT recommend paying until you know you will be paid for your activities first! These things have a history of disappearing overnight.


Who Is Two Dollar Click For?

Two Dollar Click is for people who dream of making easy money online with no real effort. I wish that was a reality, but I can tell you that it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want earn a significant income online, your best bet is to learn how to build a real internet business. And you can get started for free today here!

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