What Is Truth Or Hype TV? – Probably Not What You Expect

what is truth or hype tvI recently heard about this thing called Truth or Hype TV and I was a bit curious about it. I checked it out with the assumption that they would be promoting a “make money system” of some type but I also thought that they might look at many different programs from an objective point of view. Isn’t that the impression you’d get from their name?


While I was investigating Truth or Hype, I found this review site which is run by a 6 year internet marketer named Holly Morgan who also hosts the “show”. She claims it is the most watched show on the internet for investigating online opportunities which is about what I expected.

The Truth AND The Hype

If you go directly to the Truth Or Hype TV website, you will see testimonials of people claiming to have earned extraordinary incomes in less than one year. Anyone who has been marketing online for a while KNOWS that this is pure hype, plain and simple.


Hype Alert! 



One guy claims to have made over $50,000 in one month! I can almost guarantee that you aren’t going to make that kind of money even in the first 5 years using the system they are promoting.


The Truth

The truth behind Truth Or Hype TV is that this is a sales funnel to bring people into Empower Network. EN has earned such a bad reputation that people have to create new ways to bring new recruits on board. This is not the first video “show” of its kind to try funneling people to EN.


Holly Morgan may be a wonderful person with great intentions but the fact is, she is marketing one program and not bringing you the truth on a number of different programs the way I do on this site.


What Is Empower Network?

I have already reviewed EN so I won’t go into too much detail here but I’ll give you the gist of it.

EN is a internet marketing/network marketing (or MLM) type business opportunity. They sell a number of different marketing systems (each one more expensive than the last) which you will then sell to your recruits.

You cannot sell any programs that you haven’t paid for yourself and to be “all in” will cost you thousands of dollars.

You won’t learn how to build a business, you’ll simply learn how to sell EN and continue the cycle.


The Truth About Online Business


Building an online business is not much different than building any other kind of business. Having an online business does have several advantages but, it stills require some investment, hard work and dedication.


I have quite a few online associates who left EN to learn the real truth about building an online business. It’s easy to see why when viewing the chart below.

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