What Is The Empower Network? – Review

Welcome to my Empower Network review. So, what is the Empower Network? I’ll show you the entry price, the many up-sells and what the up-sells are for. Hopefully, I can even help save you a few thousand dollars!


Product: Empower Network

Website: empowernetwork.com

Price: $25 per month – Up-sells: $19.99 per month, $100 per month, $500, $1,000, $3500

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall Rank: 20 Out Of 100

The Empower Network Overview


The Empower Network program claims that they can help you learn to build a profitable affiliate marketing business with a ready-made blog. Your ready made blog has Empower Network affiliate banners and 4 pages of content. They claim that a lot of people would pay thousands of dollars for a pre-designed blog.


I can tell you that you would have to be out of your mind to pay thousands of dollars for a blog with 100% duplicate content! That is exactly what you would be getting for the price of $25 per month. And you don’t even own your blog! You are “renting” it. Empower Network claims that you can change your blog to your own liking but ex-members claim otherwise.


If you decide to get involved with Empower Network, I would strongly suggest you buy your own domain and pay for your own hosting. Yes, this will mean spending more money, but paying $25 per month for a blog you don’t own doesn’t make sense.


I almost forgot to mention, if you want to paid your commissions for selling Empower Network products, you need to pay $19.99 per month for their e-wallet. You read that right. You have to pay THEM a monthly fee to get paid!


What Does Empower Network Sell?


There are several Empower Network products that you be learning to promote. Understand, when I say “products” I mean that in a very loose sense of the term.


  • Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System
  • Empower Network’s Inner Circle
  • Costa Rica Intensive
  • $15K Formula
  • Master’s Course


A couple of these products have monthly fees while others have large one time fees. Just to give you a heads-up, you cannot sell products that you have not purchased yourself.



Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System-$25 Per Month


The Viral Blogging System is considered the “flagship” product of Empower Network. This is where you get your pre-made $25 per month blog. The $25 you pay is either paid to your sponsor, or your sponsors’ sponsor. It all depends on who received the last payment from the recruit before you.


This is basically the same deal you get from Infinity Downline accept with Empower Network, you have more products and a monthly e-wallet charge.


Empower Network’s Inner Circle-$100 Per Month


The Inner Circle offers mind training through video’s and audio’s by successful members. Here are some of the topics covered.


  • Mindset Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Entertainment


Some EN members have claimed that the training videos are quite long and boring but there may be some good information there for newbies. As for the  audio’s, you can find plenty of motivational and inspirational video’s on Youtube. If you really want to listen to a bunch of EN members brag about how successful they are, then the inner circle may be for you.


I get great training video’s for a fraction of the cost elsewhere but, if you can convince a bunch of other people to overpay for training video’s, you can make some good money.


Costa Rica Intensive-$500


The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive program is a collection of 11 videos that were recorded during a series of internet marketing training meeting near the beach of Costa Rica. The people in attendance paid $2,997 just to attend and these videos highlight the best parts of these meetings.


This is a one time payment of $500 but again, you can find great affiliate marketing training for a much lower price. If you can  convince a lot others to buy these videos, you can make some nice money. Of course, you can’t sell them unless you buy them.


$15K Formula-$1,000


The $15K Formula is video training that they didn’t think you should have for $500.



Master’s Course-$3,500- All In!


Empower Network’s master course is quite pricey at $3,500. What do get for money at this level? More training videos! These videos get more into the team building and long term strategizing. If you want to make the big bucks with Empower Network, you’re going to need a big team. You will also be responsible for training your team.


Empower Network is an MLM and it requires you to build and sustain a large team of recruits to continue earning money. Buying this course Is what they consider to be “All in”. Some Empower Network members are notorious for calling people “wussies” who refuse to go all in. I got that directly from several former members! Of course, Empower Network can’t and shouldn’t be held responsible for they behavior of their members.


Who Is Empower Network For?


Empower Network is best suited for people who want to learn to build an affiliate marketing/MLM business. Your objective is to buy all of the programs they offer and bring in new members to do the same. If you have a knack for selling overpriced training to people and you are a good teacher yourself, you could probably do well with this.


The problem is, once people realize thy are being ripped off, they will quit and you will need to be constantly replacing your downline. That’s how it works with ALL MLM’s and that’s why I am not a big fan of those business models. The fact that you don’t own your blog and the high rate of dropouts, I believe, is a reason why so many former Empower Network members have moved on to and love Wealthy Affiliate.


A Quick Comparison



The Reason I rate Empower Network 2 out of 10 even though I checked 3 boxes is because private coaching may or may not be available. The coaching (if available at all) will only be as good as the person who sponsors you. If they have no experience, they really won’t be able to teach you much and you probably won’t have anywhere else to turn. In fact, one former member I know talked about her sponsor announcing that she would only be coaching people who were all in!


At Wealthy Affiliate, me and many of my fellow members have taken time to coach people who we did not bring into the business. Yes, people who have absolutely nothing to gain by helping you will still take time out of their day to do so. There isn’t anything like that available anywhere!


Would I Recommend Empower Network?


Not unless you don’t mind being swindled out of your money while learning how to swindle others out of their’s. This is not how I want to make a living so I can’t recommend it to people who want to earn an honest living.


If you want to learn how to build an online business that you feel good about, you can start for free. No credit card required! 2 websites to use however you want with no obligation ever! Check out my #1 recommendation below.



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