What Is Talk Fusion? Just Another Scam?

Talk Fusion Review


talk fusionOpportunity: Talk Fusion
Website: talkfusion.com
Founder & CEO: Bob Reina
Price: Stater Level Costs $35 Per Month


Talk Fusion Overview

Talk Fusion provides several services in the online communication industry. Staying connected to your clients or customers online is more important than ever whether you operate a B2B or B2C business. Talk Fusion aims to enhance the way you stay connected and communicate with your customers.

Talk Fusion also offers entrepreneurs a chance to earn commissions for selling their services. Commissions and bonuses are earned both through direct sales and the sales of any sellers you recruit. In other words, it has a network marketing or MLM compensation structure. I will discuss both side to the business in this review.


Talk Fusion Services

talk fusion pricing plans

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Talk Fusion has 3 different pricing packages and all packages include all services. No services are sold separately.

These are 1 time setup fees. There are also monthly storage fees depending on the number of contacts or subscribers you have


Monthly Storage Plans


talk fusion monthly storage plans

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talk fusion video chatTalk Fusion Video Chat

Talk Fusions video chat allows live chat streaming on any device that plays video. There are no software downloads or plugins required. An internet connection and a webcam is all you need to use this service.



talk fusion live meetingsLive Meetings

Host live meetings or video conferences from anywhere in the world. Impress your clients with integrated slides, Power Point presentations or communicate with associate. You can even invite attendee’s to view your desktop for live demonstrations.


talk fusion video emailVideo Email

Why send a plain, boring old email when you can send a video email? Let’s face it, people respond much better to video than they do to text. Video’s are an excellent way to show rather than just tell. I know that when I receive a video email, I am far more likely to open it than delete it.


talk fusion video newsletterVideo Newsletter

A newsletter is a bit fancier and often more welcome than a regular email. Newsletter subscribers want to be kept in the loop about what is going on within your business or industry. Incorporating video into your newsletters is a great way to stand out in the crowd.


Both the Video Email and Video Newsletter come with subscription forms, the ability to schedule emails or newsletters and analytic reports that show you how many of your emails are read and when.


talk fusion community blogCommunity Blog

Talk Fusion offers a community blog that allows you to create blog posts for your business or whatever you use their services for. The idea is that you can use the authority of a trusted site to possibly improve visibility of your blog. This was pretty effective several years ago but it doesn’t work as well as it once did. I always suggest that people post articles on a website that they own.


Talk Fusion Compensation Plan


In recent years, some of the more lucrative network marketing companies have really “upped the ante” in their compensation plans by offering opportunities to earn luxury vehicles, expensive jewelry and exotic vacations. Talk Fusion is one of them.


I have not taken the time to understand how the compensation plan works because I hate MLM. I already know that I won’t be getting involved but you can read it for yourself here. Talk Fusion Compensation Plan or watch the video below.



My Final Opinion

As far as live meetings and conferences go, Talk Fusion does seem to offer a lot for the money compared with some of the other service providers out there. If you simply need an auto responder, there are less expensive alternatives.


As a business opportunity, my opinion is not as favorable. You can offer the best product on the planet at the cheapest price, but to make great money in an MLM, you still need to be a great sales person. I don’t care what anybody tells you. If you can’t sell, you’re not going to make it.

That’s why I ultimately ditched MLM’s for good once I found a much better way.


Are you a Talk Fusion customer or associate? What are your personal experiences with Talk Fusion? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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