What Is Swagbucks About?


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Have you been hearing about Swagbucks? Over the years, I’ve heard about many different websites that offer rewards, prizes and even cash for participating in a number of different activities. So, what is Swagbucks about and how can you benefit from it? I’ll show you some of the ways you can earn with Swagbucks and what you can redeem your Swagbucks for….. including cash!


SwagBucks Search & Win

We all search for information on the internet but we are not usually rewarded for doing so.  With Swagbucks, you can be rewarded for doing something you already do. Searching for information! The Swagbucks search bar is powered by the top search engines and is compatible with most browsers.


Swagbucks earns money through sponsored ads and they pass some of those earnings along to people like us who use their search engine. For example, my browser of choice is Google Chrome and my search engine of choice is Google. So, I simply downloaded the plugin extension for Chrome which placed a small Swagbucks icon in the top right hand corner of my web browser. (pictured on the right).


Now, I click that icon before conducting a Google search. I still get the exact same search results only now, I earn Swagbucks occasionally. (Not every search results in a win).


Shopping With Swagbucks


Swagbucks has partnered with many online retailers that will earn you rewards just for shopping through Swagbucks. What you earn is typically the equivalent of earning 2% – 5% cash back but it can go higher! There are often special deals where you can earn double Swagbucks and there are monthly plans where you can earn double or more on ALL purchases!


Here is a sample of some of the online retailers available through Swagbucks. This is 1 of 81 pages!



You can see that every purchase you make offers a certain number of Swagbucks per dollar spent. It’s like getting cash back without the 18% interest you’d have to pay with many major credit cards.


Watch And Earn With Swagbucks


Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you probably watch videos online. Have you noticed how the majority of those videos now have advertising at the beginning? How annoying right? Well, now you can earn some of those advertising dollars just by watching short video clips on Swagbucks.


Swagbucks has hundreds of videos covering many different topics like:


  • Editors Pick
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Food
  • News
  • Home & Garden
  • And More


Most of these video clips are 1 – 5 minutes long and you will usually receive your reward well before the clip ends. Every time you play a video, you will see your SB meter climb by 10%. Once you fill the bar, you are rewarded 3 Swagbucks.



Swagbucks Games 


Swagbucks offers a few games where you can earn a few Swagbucks everyday. You will earn 2 Swagbucks for every other game played and can earn a maximum of 10 Swagbucks per day.


Spider Solitaire (pictured to the right) is one of the games offered. There are other gaming site advertised where you can earn significantly more SB’s by opening an account. And, if you are inclined to spend money gaming, you can earn even more.



Swagbucks Tasks 


Swagbucks offers a number of other activities that you can do to earn SB’s.


  • Surveys
  • Daily Polls
  • Tasks


Surveys On Swagbucks



Swagbucks offers 6 different survey programs where you can earn daily rewards. Some will offer a single survey while others provide a list of surveys you can take. Here’s what the Gold Surveys has to offer:



Gold Surveys offers a pretty extended list of surveys you can take. (This is just a partial image) You can see how long each survey should take and your SB rewards for completing each survey.


Daily Polls


The daily poll is a simple multiple choice question. Simply choose the answer that best applies to you and click Vote to earn 1 SB.





The tasks section of Swagbucks has a list of quick jobs you can perform. Most only take 60 seconds and will earn you 4/10 of 1 SB’s. Before performing these tasks, you will need to sign up with a service called CrowdFlower. (You will be prompted to do so when clicking the job link)



Swagbucks Rewards


So, what can you do with all of the Swagbucks you accumulate? Swagbucks can be redeemed for cash or gift cards for many popular online retailers. You can also donate SB’s to a number of charities. If you prefer cash, You can get a pre-paid Visa card or a PayPal card.


The cash value for SB’s is 1 penny per SB. You can get more per SB buy selecting certain gift cards. Swagbucks periodically runs “sales” where they will lower the amount of SB’s required for redemption which will give you more than the typical 1/100 ratio.




Swagbucks also has their own sweepstakes where you can spend SB’s to enter drawings and will gift cards, prizes or more SB’s.



Swagbucks Referral Program


If you are one of those people who are good at getting others to take your recommendations, you could do well with the Swagbucks referral program. Whenever someone becomes a Swagbucks member through your recommendation, you will earn 10% of what they earn. If you bring in enough active members, you could easily be racking up lots of Swagbucks effortlessly every day!


Is Swagbucks Worth Your Time?


Swagbucks is an easy way to earn a little money without spending money but, you are not going to get rich or even make a substantial amount of money. If you have lots of free time and spend a lot of time searching online, then it’s an easy way to be rewarded just doing what you already do.


Get Started With Swagbucks


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