What Is Smart Cash System?

A Look At Smart Cash System


what is smart cash systemProduct: Smart Cash System
Website: smartcashsystem.com
Owner: Tom Wilson
Price: $12
Rank: 0


Smart Cash System Overview


If you trying to figure out what Smart Cash System is all about, don’t bother visiting their website. I have never seen anyone go to such great lengths to tell you what you will not be doing while simultaneously not telling anything at all about what you will have to do. Nothing!

This sales page screams “scam” right from the beginning and further investigation didn’t change my mind. If you scroll down past the first list of things you won’t have to do, you will see one of those proof of earning screenshots.




In case you’re not familiar with this, this is a Clickbank earnings report. Now, if they were teaching you how to generate Clickbank earnings like these it may not be a bad deal. However. that isn’t what this product teaches. Smart Cash System is (or used to be) a Clickbank product of its own and these numbers reflect the earnings of the product owner.


In other words, other people were promoting this product and earning commissions for doing so. This is totally deceitful and has no business being used to promote this product in any way!


How It REALLY Works


This is just another guy guaranteeing you that you will make money day trading FOREX. I do have some experience trading futures. Not currencies which is what FOREX is, but tangible commodities. While there is potential for big gains in short periods of time, futures is a risky and sometimes even dangerous business to get involved with.


The sales letter mentions gambling as one of the many things you will not be doing but day trading is gambling by nature. You basically watch for “signals” that there may be a fluctuation in the price and you try to get in before the move. Then, once you’ve made a profit, you quickly get out.


It sounds simple enough but these are very fast moving markets. It’s extremely difficult to get in or out at the price you want. If you are “long” some foreign currency and there is suddenly a financial crisis, there could be a limit move against your position which means you will lose the maximum amount you could lose in 1 trading session.


Who Is Smart Cash System For?


Honestly, I’m not sure this is a good product for anyone. FOREX trading is for people who love to gamble and have money to burn. If you want to fund your retirement or even build wealth, day trading is not the way to it. This is the way to build wealth.


Smart Cash System is pretty inexpensive at only $12 but if it doesn’t work the way they promise, there is much more money at stake. “All sales are final” in the world of the financial markets and there are no refunds. If you make a bad trade and now you can’t pay your rent, you are “shit out of luck” my friend.


My Final Word On Smart Cash System


It’s not often that a give a product a 0 rating but this is one of the sneakiest sales pages I have ever seen. Not only that, but you are being lured into a trading scheme that could end up being a financial disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing.


If you decide that FOREX is something you would like to learn more about, don’t buy courses like these! Take the time to educate yourself on how futures markets work. Learn how to practice investing by learning to paper trade.


Be honest about your results when paper trading. Nothing magic happens when you put real money into the market! And whatever you do, don’t put money that you may need to live on in these markets. Chances are, you will regret it.




Product: Smart Cash System
Website: smartcashsystem.com
Owner: Tom Wilson
Price: $12
Rank: 0



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Do you have any personal experience with Smart Cash System? How about FOREX? I’d be interested to here about your experiences below.


One Comment

  1. Leo Emery

    Hey Steve,

    Well this definitely sounds like a program to steer clear of.

    And that’s just a sleazy tactic showing his own sales of his product as a way of proving how much you can make.

    A new level of low for a scam artist I guess. But what can you expect from people that have no morals.

    When a product spends all it’s time telling you what not to do and how much you can make and how it can change your life.

    But then never really tells you what you’re going to do to accomplish all this, you know it’s a SCAM garbage product.

    I also hate the fact that it sounds like he is saying there is little risk and you can day trade yourself to wealth.

    This is the stock market, so unless you have the money that you can afford to lose and I mean you could literally throw the money out the car window and not miss it.

    Stay away from the stock market. And on the flip side I could afford to lose some money, but I’m also not an idiot.

    I know nothing about the stock market and I have zero interest in learning.

    There are far better way of building wealth and this program is far from the way.

    Thanks for the heads up


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