what is sfiRecently, a visitor to this website left a comment on my Kyani review and recommended SFI as a great way to start a home based, internet business. I’ve seen SFI come up in several online conversations but I never got around to checking it out. Finally, I decided it was time to see what they have to offer. So What is SFI and what’s it all about? In this article, I’ll show you:


  • How You Make Money With SFI
  • Tools, Training and Support
  • What I like
  • What I Don’t Like
  • How It Compares To The Program I Normally Recommend


Getting Started With SFI

SFI welcomeSigning up with SFI is simple and free. I gave them my first and last name and email address and I was in. I was immediately taken to the welcome screen pictured on the right. Obviously, you will see your own first name 🙂


Once you’re inside, there is a short introduction video which you can watch below.


Tired Of MLM? Ready To Try Something That Works?

VersaPoints = $$

SFI makes many references to VersaPoints which are used to calculate your monthly earnings. When products are sold (which I will talk about soon) 40% of the commissions generated goes into the TripleClicks Executive Pool. The more VP (VersaPoints) you accumulate, the larger your share in the pool.


Earn VersaPoints While You Learn

SFI makes it easy to begin earning VP’s right away. There is a list of one time activities as well as daily activities. Many of these daily tasks are as simple as clicking tabs within your affiliate dashboard to check stats. The idea is to help you get acquainted with how everything works at SFI by rewarding you to use everything at your disposal.


Now, you’re probably thinking that you’re not going to make much money by just clicking tabs on your dashboard, and you’d be correct. You may earn 10 VP’s per day, but you need a minimum of 1,500 VP’s per month to qualify for bonuses. This is one of the reasons they will encourage you to make 1,500 VP’s worth of product purchases every month. You are NOT obligated to buy. Only encouraged.


Shopping Through TripleClicks

TripleClicks is a shopping website which is owned and operated by SFI. It’s very similar to an early version of amazon.com. All of the products offered by the participating companies offer a certain amount of versa points so you can increase your share of the profit pool just by purchasing products through your own business.

TripleClicks also allows you or others to sell their own unwanted items. The only problem is that there are usually no VP’s associated with those purchases.


Tools And Training

SFI has a lot of content within their tools and training section. I will admit that I haven’t read through most of it because there is so much there. I can tell tell you that I did scan through their 26 part online marketing course and these only consisted of a bunch of short, vague articles. Not nearly enough information to learn how to build an online business.



If you decide to build a business through SFI, there is plenty of support available. Since this is a classic MLM, you will have an upline who has a vested interest in your success and will be happy to guide you through the process. There are also forums available so none of your questions should ever go unanswered.


Pros And Cons

So, what are some of the things I like about SFI?

I like the fact that it is truly free to join. You can begin completing activities to start earning versa points immediately and you have full access to all the training and marketing materials at absolutely no cost.


If you are good enough to get other people to shop TripleClicks through your affiliate link and build a downline of other affiliates, you can earn money without ever spending any of your own money!


What I don’t like.

One thing I don’t like is the fact that is is a MLM. These types of businesses tend to be very unstable since your income relies so heavily on the effort of your downline.

It’s free to join.

I know I listed that as something I liked, but there is a definite downside to this!

If you recruit a bunch of affiliates who also don’t have any intention of investing in their own businesses, you will likely have an organization full of inactive people. If people don’t have to invest any money into a business, they are not likely to take it seriously and probably won’t put in the required effort to make it work.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line with SFI is that you will likely need to spend a couple hundred dollars per month on products and recruit a bunch of affiliates who will do the same. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s much easier said than done.


How Does It Compare?

While SFI has its pros and cons, it still doesn’t compare to my #1 recommendation.

To be successful with SFI, you’re going to have to learn to become a good internet marketer. Unfortunately, SFI probably won’t provide the training you need to become successful in that area. If you want to learn to be a successful marketer online, you can get started for free through this program.




  1. Mijareze

    This program sounds alright, but Wealthy Affiliate will give you a training that can impart the skills to make money online doing a variety of things. I own and operate 3 websites and I do freelance writing. One of my websites is a cross between MLM and Internet Marketing.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • Steve

      Thanks Edward. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a far superior program for learning how to build an affiliate marketing business.

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