What Is RankXL?​

It seems as though there aren’t many internet marketers focusing on Google Adsense as a major source of income. According to Chris Lee, creator of RankXL, you can earn in excess of $10,000 per moth with the proper strategy! So, what is RankXL all about and what can it do for you?


Product: RankXL Niche Site Course
Website: https://www.rankxl.com

Owner: Chris Lee
Price: $297 Or 3 Payments Of $99
Rating: 9/10

How Does RankXL Work?


With the RankXL Site Niche course, Chris Lee takes you from developing an idea for your site concept all the way through the techniques you need to implement to draw massive traffic to your site. Massive traffic is the key to earning a lot of money with Adsense.


One of the things I really like about this course is the fact that there is not a lot of fluff and blah….blah….blah. He dives right into the training.


Part 1


Niche research and keyword research is the focus of part 1.


There are 13 instructional units in part 1 where Chris Lee shows you exactly how he does research for his own highly profitable Adsense sites. You are encouraged to pick a handful of possible niches and then start the process of elimination. It’s a very common sense approach.


For example:


You may have a particular niche in mind that has tons of monthly searches and fairly low competition but, there are a couple of things to be considered.


Who is your competition?


What is the intent behind the search?


Many people are passionate about travel. It is a hugely popular niche! However, when people conduct searches with the word “travel” in their keyword phrase, the intent is usually to find flights and hotels to book. Not to simply read articles about traveling.


The first page of the search engines will mostly be dominated by websites that offer services for travelers because that is the intent behind the search.


This is just one example of how deep the research goes into assessing the competition within a niche.



Part 2


Part 2 covers site structure and developing good SEO habits.


Good site structure not only creates a good user experience but it also helps the search engines understand what your site is about. Search engines don’t only look for the content within you articles but what your articles link to. Linking your most important articles to one another is a big part of on site SEO.


If you want to build a website that could potentially get 100,000+ visitors per month, you need to implement the best possible SEO practice. RankXL will show you exactly how to do that.


Check Out RankXL


Part 3

Part 3 goes into link building and back linking strategies.


Building back links is one of the most popular and controversial subjects in the internet marketing world. Back links and how they affect your site rankings has changed a lot over the past few years. With RankXL, you will NOT be taught the old black hat methods of link building (like paid for links).


Chris shows you the right way to build back links that search engines love.


A couple of the methods he teaches for obtaining quality back links is ingenious!


Sorry folks, I’m not going to give away those secrets here.


Part 4


Finally, part 4 focuses on monetization options and how to approach growth strategies moving forward.


Notice how monetization is covered in the last section of the training?


There is reason for this. If you don’t follow through on the first 3 parts, no monetization methods will work very well. Conversely, if you do follow through with the training, you may have many monetization options. The more traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to monetize!


What is RankXL

Downloadable Bonuses


Deep Dives

An in depth look into some of the more important techniques and strategies taught in the course.



3 Month Checklist

A checklist is always a handy thing to have to keep you focused and on the right track.



PDF Cheatsheets

These 3 printable PDF’s are the blueprints you will want to refer to while building your niche site.



Q&A Pack

Real questions and answers from real RankXL students. This will definitely serve as a valuable resource.



WordPress Themes

Chris has built his own WordPress themes that he builds his own sites on. You can use them too and they are FREE!



Who Is RankXL For?


RankXL is for anyone who would like to build an information based website that receives a massive amount of traffic. It is great for beginners and more seasoned marketers who would like to learn some new techniques. (Especially the back linking secrets!)





Chris Lee, the creator and owner of RankXL is also the support guy. I have had contact with him more that one occasion and he responded in a timely manner. He is a genuinely nice guy and cares about the success of his students. A refreshing thing in this day and age.


Customers also have access to a forum where you see what questions other students have asked and learn from the experience of others.


What I Like



User Friendly

There is nothing to be confused about when starting this course, You know exactly where to begin and what order to do things in. This is definitely one of the best laid out courses I’ve ever seen.



Easy To Understand

Chris doesn’t use a lot of confusing jargon and he doesn’t give you vague examples of concepts. Everything is clearly explained and he uses a lot of images to show you exactly what he is talking about.




Chris goes into great detail on every topic he teaches. No stone is left upturned. He even shows you how to use FREE tools to do exactly what he does.



Free Updates

Some guys revamp their courses and relaunch them as 2.0…….. 3.0 etc. and even past customers have to buy the new versions. Not with RankXL. The course has already been through a number updates since I purchased it and I always have free access to the updated version.



No Up-Sells

I hate seeing up-sells before I can even access the course I just purchased. There is no such B.S. when you buy RankXL.



What I Don’t Like


Honestly, I didn’t find anything about this course that I didn’t like which is rare!

I think the price of $297 may scare some people off but, even at that price it really is an amazing value.

With the kind of traffic you’ll be learning to generate, you could very likely earn that much money every day!





I believe that RankXL teaches a lot “must have” information for internet marketing. Chris doesn’t teach fads or black hat methods that will only work temporarily. He understands the importance of methods that are working today and will continue to work no matter what kind of algorithm updates Google releases.


Not sure if you’re ready to buy? Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Just leave your question in the comment box below. I answer all queries.


RankXL Niche Site Course


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