What Is PayMeZox?

I am making a gazillion dollars a month. Just Google PayMeZox.com to learn more.



Perhaps you’ve seen comment spam like this. That may even be what lead you here. It’s hard to find any legitimate reviews on paymezox.com but my experience working online makes it easy enough to tell what’s really going on.



PayMeZox.com is the same thing as atoce.com or panxcash.com which are promoted the same way. People look for money making articles or videos and claim to be making big money with these programs. I’m not really sure why they would bother seeing how there are no affiliate programs associated with any of these sites.


How PayMeZox Works 


On the paymezox.com home page, they talk about making money with surveys. What they do is lead you to sales page for a Clickbank product called Get Cash For Surveys. Below their sales pitch, they post a Clickbank screenshot that is totally misleading. You can see it below.



You will NOT make this kind of money taking online surveys. It just isn’t possible. In fact, this screenshot has nothing to do with surveys. To make this kind of money with Clickbank, you would need to sell many Clickbank products everyday.


Paymezox.com doesn’t teach you how to build an online business in any way. You can learn how to do that through my #1 recommendation.


If you like the idea of paid surveys, I would go with a reputable company like Swagbucks. It’s free to join and they actually will pay.


Paid Social Media Jobs



The second product offered by paymezox.com is through paidsocialmediajobs.com. There is money to made in social media management but I’m afraid it’s not as simple as they try to make it seem. On their sales page, there is a phony screenshot of a social media jobs list that you are supposed to be able to apply for.


People who have actually bought this program say the real list doesn’t look nearly as promising and the pay is much lower. The truth is, if you want to make a good living as a asocial media manager, you need to learn how to get your own clients. I would look for reputable people who teach this. I wouldn’t buy a Clickbank product.


Tube Launch  



This product was questionable at best and many believed it was an outright scam. This product is no longer available so there’s no sense in mentioning much about it.


You can see from the image to the right that this scam is also being promoted by panxcash.



The Bottom Line


PayMeZox.com is just another site who sells Clickbank products to people who believe they are going to learn how to find a work at home job. They have phone testimonials written for them and spam video and article comment sections.


There is no shortcut to making money online. You need to do the work. If you are serious about learning to build a real online business, check out my #1 recommendation here.


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