What Is Panxcash?

Have you seen people talking about making $100 per day (or something like that) using panxcash? I’ve seen a few of these claims lately and decided to check it out.

So, what is panxcash? Is it really a legit way to make $100 per day or more? Well, the truth is, you might make money using some of the programs they recommend but you cannot make money with them or their site.



What Does Panxcash Offer?


These are the programs currently being promoted by panxcash.







1.) Earn With Paid Surveys

The first offer you’ll find on panxcash is an opportunity for paid surveys. (Click the banner to learn more) You will see some testimonials from people claiming to earn some pretty nice money doing paid surveys from home.


Of course, it seems to me that if you could really earn $3,000 per month taking surveys, everybody would know about it. But hey, what do I know?

make money


2.) Earn From Facebook & Twitter


When you click the link to this program, you will be taken to a story about a mom (Annie Jones) who was struggling financially until she discovered a way to earn money by doing social media for local businesses.


This is a fairly competitive field but if you can get your foot in the door with the right people, you can make a good living as a social media expert. Learn more about Annie Jones and read her story.


3.) Earn By Uploading Video

This particular program is called TubeLaunch. You are supposed to learn how to make money by simply uploading YouTube video’s on your own channel. You don’t have to make these video’s yourself. You are acting as a third party and earning advertising revenue from views.


I am a bit skeptical about this program for a number of reasons.

1.) As someone who owns a YouTube channel, I can tell you that simply uploading video’s does NOT guarantee you will get many views.

2.) As an Adsense publisher, I can tell you that it takes a lot of views to earn a substantial amount of money with Adsense ads.


TubeLaunch claims that they will send traffic to you video. If this is the case, they will probably be using bots. This is not something you want to do! If Google finds out about it, you will lose your YouTube account and your Adsense account!


Is there an upside to TubeLaunch?


TubeLaunch may be a good way to learn video marketing. At $34, it does seem reasonably priced (provided you avoid the up-sells). Just be careful about using “Black hat” methods. Doing things the right way is always more work but the long term results are always much better.


Final Thoughts About Panxcash 


Panxcash is nothing but a fancy looking website that was created to promote Clickbank products in several different niches. Personally, I would rather learn to sell Clickbank products than buy them from someone else’s site. Believe me, you can make much more money doing the same amount of work that you would have to dedicate to taking surveys. And you can get started for free! Just check out my #1 recommendation below.




  1. Ty Jord

    I haven’t heard about this “panxcash” before, I’m interested in looking for online opportunities but always constantly on the look out for scams that like to raise their ugly head.

    Thanks for this well informed post, if it can save just one person from regret and misery, it was well worth the effort, I appreciate this.

    Best of luck

    • Steve

      Thanks Ty. This seems to be a new breed of websites that are being heavily promoted on YouTube videos. I’ll continue to pick them off and expose them as quickly as I can. Thanks for commenting,


  2. Ram July

    I registered with PanXcash.com last month and i made almost 1200$ in one month by doing different social media jobs. I dont know what people say about it but they refer me to a good job portal and I am happy one.

    • Steve

      Your comment is very similar to the ones I see all over YouTube and they are slightly misleading. You cannot register with panxcash.com. They only sell make money at home type programs through Clickbank.
      So, it sounds like you bought the paid social media jobs product and started making money with that product. Although my research on this product tells me that it’s not very likely you made that much money in your first month unless you landed a paying client yourself.


  3. Hola Muki

    Hi, thanks for your review but as per my experience with PanXcash i am quite happy i landed to this website from youtube video website was offering 3 to 4 products at that time i registered for paid surveys and I am okay with the performance I know PanXcash are behaving like middle man but we can say them as fraud because they are providing us something good.

    • Steve

      I don’t see how you could have ended up on this site through a YouTube video since I have never promoted this site on YouTube. The fact is, you found my site because I am on the first page of Google for several PanXcash related keyword phrases and that is due to the training I received through Wealthy Affiliate.

      You may be making some money with paid surveys, but I can almost guarantee that you are not making the kind of money they talk about on the Click4Surveys sales page.


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