What Is OnlineNetJobs.com?

A Look At OnlineNetJobs.com


onlinenetjobsProduct: OnlineNetJobs.com
Website: onlinenetjobs.com
Owners: Michelle McAllister
Price: $27





Overview Of OnlineNetJobs


OnlineNetJobs is another one of those programs that is being heavily promoted within YouTube comments. This seems to have become a popular marketing method for people who want to drive traffic to their offers without doing any real marketing. So, what is this thing really all about?


The creator of this product, who goes by the name Michelle McAllister, claims to have pioneered the best strategy to get your email inbox filled with the highest paying surveys. A “secret list” of hard to find surveys that she is apparently holding for a ransom fee of only $27


Surveys Are A Waste Of Time
Learn To Build A Real Business Online!


When you visit their site (onlinenetjobs.com) their sales pages is littered with hype, screenshots of earnings (likely fake) and what looks like recent testimonials (also likely to be fake).

I say that because the image that is used to represent Michelle McAllister is available for purchase and can be reused on any website.


A person who is intentionally dishonest about their identity probably shouldn’t be trusted.


The Truth About Taking Surveys


There are companies who are willing to pay people to fill out surveys so they can gain market insight. However, they are not stupid! They won’t just pay good money to anybody who can prove that they know how to check boxes in a multiple choice questionnaire.


First, you need to prove that you are qualified to even be given the opportunity to do most paid surveys. How do they qualify you? By making you fill out an extensive unpaid survey to insure that you fit their demographic.


I have spent 10 minutes filling out surveys only to find out that I didn’t qualify for any paid surveys! Yeah, that was fun and not a waste of my time at all 🙂


While I did eventually find some paid surveys that I qualified for, the pay was less then minimum wage for the time spent filling them out.


Care For Some Spam?


Once you put yourself “out there” as a person who is interested in paid surveys, you will be put on a list and subject to many spam emails. So, if you decide to try paid surveys, my advise is to create a new email account that you don’t care about.



One More Thought On Surveys


what is onlinenetjobs.com

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The kind of earnings that you are shown on OnlineNetJobs just aren’t realistic. If you really want to look into doing online surveys, I would suggest trying something that is free and reputable like Swagbucks. It won’t take you long to realize that taking surveys is not a viable way to make any significant amounts of money.



My Final Word On OnlineNetJobs


OnlineNetJobs was created for 1 simple reason which is to make the owner a lot of money. They do have an earnings disclaimer on their site with the usual disclaimers. “Earnings are not typical”, “We are not responsible for your success or failure” and things of that nature.


Okay, fair enough. But the sales page would lead most people to believe that making BIG money with surveys is easy to do when in fact, it is not. If you decide to invest in any kind of training, you should probably avoid courses that use hype and unrealistic claims and look for training that focuses on training like my #1 recommendation.


Product: OnlineNetJobs.com
Website: onlinenetjobs.com
Owners: Michelle McAllister
Price: $27
Verdict: Not Recommended


Do know of anyone who earns a full time living with online surveys? I’d be interested to hear about it below.




    If as oer your suggestion taking survey is not the best way of making monet then why don;t you suggest any other way of miking legitimate online money as i am interested in working from home. Due to some compulsion.

  2. Daniel Jonathan

    Looks promising. Eager to know more. But if I have to use my credit card for this I will not be interested anymore

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