What Is OnlineNetCareer.com? That Depends

OnlineNetCareer.com is one of the more recent websites I’ve seen being touted in the comment section of a “make money online” style YouTube video. As someone with some internet marketing experience, I find these comments to be a great source of entertainment as well as an almost unlimited supply of material for blogs. However, I realize than many unsuspecting people may become victims of these unscrupulous scammers.


So, what is OnlineNetCareer?

The real deal?

Another scam?

Let’s take a closer look.

Name: OnlineNetCareer

Website: OnlineNetCareer.com

Price: Varies with offer

Owners: ?

Overall Rank: 0


First of all, the reason I give this program a rank of zero is because of its utter unpredictability. While researching this program, I noticed than the landing page and offer changes over time depending on when the articles were written. As of this writing the screenshot below is what I found.



OnlineNetCareer doesn’t actually offer any kind online career path. It is simply a sales funnel with 2 “make money” offers.


If you click the “WATCH HERE” button, you are immediately redirected to a website called artofmarketing.academy which is just another sales funnel for a program called incomely than currently sells for $11.55.


What Is Incomely?


Incomely is a program designed to teach you how to sell digital products from the Clickbank marketplace. You look for high converting products and drive traffic through PPC (pay per click).


Since you can no longer send ppc traffic directly to an affiliate offer, you must have a landing page of some sort. Incomely shows you how to set a page with an auto responder to collect people’s email addresses before they can look at the offer.


This will deter many people from even looking at your offer.


PPC can be very profitable however I would NOT recommend it for beginners!


You have to have a firm understanding of how well your landing pages convert to know if a ppc campaign will in fact be profitable. If you don’t know how to determine that, you are not ready for ppc!


The sales page on OnlineNetCareer shows screenshots of supposed Clickbank sales that are known to be notoriously easy to fake,


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OnlineNetCareers also mentions surveys as a way to make some easy money online. What they are actually doing is redirecting you to an affiliate offer with click4surveys.



This is a website full of screenshots (likely fake) and testimonials which often feature photos taken from stock photo websites. In other words, fake testimonials.


The fact is, most people are lucky to earn $5 per day taking surveys and in many cases, it takes more than 1 hour of work. Much lower than the minimum wage in other words.


Pros & Cons


I honestly can’t find and pros to getting involved with anything promoted by OnlineNetCareer. I know from personal experience than surveys are a waste of time and I wouldn’t put much faith in Incomely. I’ve been around long enough to know than you can’t learn to make hundreds of dollars every day with no work. It’s simply too good to be true.



  • You never know what they will be promoting
  • You can’t contact the website owner
  • No information about what you are asked to pay for
  • No training, support or tools
  • Website is promoted by spamming YouTube comments



OnlineNetCareer.com was not created to help anyone make money online except for the owner of that site. It is a simple sales funnel designed to separate people from their money, The fact that the offers continue change tells you that the owner is testing to see which programs sell the best. Don’t be fooled by the promice of easy money with a small price tag.


If you want to get started building your own online business just minutes from now, I would strongly suggest checking out my #1 recommendation.


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