What Is OnlineGetCash.info?

OnlineGetCash Review


Paid Survey AuthorityProduct: Paid Survey Authority
Website: onlinegetcash.info
Owner(s): Michelle McAllister
Price: $27 If you try to leave the page
Verdict: SCAM!



Product Overview

OnlineGetCash.info is a website that is being promoted by spamming high traffic video comments. It is not an independent website but rather a redirect to a cheesy Clickbank product called Paid Survey Authority that is also being promoted through other url redirects.

What Is OnlineGetCash.info?There isn’t a single authentic element to this website. The image that is used to represent Michelle McAllister is a stock photo that can be purchased and reused by anyone for any purpose.

The testimonials use a lot of the same images but the dates change to reflect recent earnings.

They pay for testimonial by offering a $50 cash bonus if you send in a selfie of you holding a check showing your earnings.

They are too small to see so there is no way to verify what you’re even looking at.

There are screenshots of bank statements with outrageous earnings!


Don’t Waste Your Time With Surveys

Learn To Build A Real Online Business Today!



OnlineGetCash Training

There is no training to speak of with this program. You are promised that you will have access to a “secret list” of high paying surveys. You don’t have to pay money upfront to get paid for surveys but you are told with this program that you will learning to find the very best, hard to find surveys.


There is calculator on their sales page where you can add your own numbers for income projections. I played around with it to show you an example.



So, if I could do 10 surveys per day that pay $5 per survey and do them everyday, I could earn $18,200 per year. Not bad really for part time work at home. Here’s the problem.


You will never find that many surveys that pay that much money in one day, never mind seven days a week!


It’s just not going to happen. I have done surveys and I know many other people who have done them too. None of them ever claimed they cold make even close to that kind of money. The only people who make such claims are the people who sell these courses.


Final Word On Paid Surveys


If you want to get paid for surveys or completing simple tasks, I would recommend going with something like Swagbucks. You won’t get rich but you be swindled either. Surveys are, for the most part a boring, tedious and mind numbing way to make money.


If you would prefer to something exciting, challenging and more rewarding, check out my #1 recommendation.


Have you had success with taking online surveys? Are you making better than minimum wage on average? I’d be interested to hear about it in the comment section below.



  1. evelyn

    Hey Steve,

    I really hate these types of services. You CAN NOT get paid $5 dollars per survey. Ask anyone who does surveys online. This is a straight up scam that people need to be leery about. I noticed they love putting this calculator on sites like these.

    People, please refrain from ever paying to do any survey, they should all be free to join, plus they pay you at a much lower rate. More like 50 cents to complete a 20 minute survey. Great Review!

    • Steve

      Did you ever spend 20 minutes doing a survey that you thought you were going to be paid for only to find out that it was a pre-survey used to determine that you don’t qualify for any PAID surveys that day?! Those are always fun 🙂

      • Evelyn

        That has happen to me plenty of times. I now only do surveys that doesn’t require a pre-survey qualification survey. I found a few survey sites that doesn’t require any of that mess, actually they only take a few minutes to do.

  2. Don

    Online surveys are a waste of valuable time.
    I have seen them all, none of them will fairly
    compensate for time spent.

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