What Is Mojo Make Money System? – A JOKE!

Did you read about the Mojo Make Money System in a YouTube spam comment? That’s where I first read about it so I figured I would check it out. If you believe you are going to learn to make hundreds of dollars per day with no investment, you are in for a rude awakening.


You are probably well aware of that already but maybe just a bit curious about this program. That’s why I check these offers out. So I can give you the “real deal” without flooding your own email account with fake offers from unscrupulous marketers.

Product: Mojo Make Money System
Website: mojomakemoneysystem.com
Price:       Free
Owner:    Unknown
Rating:    0

The Mojo Make Money System

If you visit the Mojo Make Money System website, you will see that it’s not actually a website, but rather a simple landing page or “squeeze page”. The “Disclaimer” and the “Contact” links in the page footer don’t actually lead anywhere. That’s an immediate red flag.


A reputable marketer would not ask for you email address while hiding their identity and leaving you no way to contact them.


Another thing that stood out to me was the terribly written sales copy. This is something that is typical with these products that are spammed about in the YouTube comment section.

Whomever created this page obviously doesn’t speak English as a first language and doesn’t care enough about their own business to have this page properly edited. This could easily have been done for $5!

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The Offer


I decided to go ahead and give them an email address I don’t care about. I was immediately redirected to a video that looked like this.


Yep, more brilliant sales copy. Okay, I didn’t even bother to watch this video because I am only willing to waste so much time. When I checked my email (between some of minutes) I learned that in order to get the course, I would have to join the “secret” Facebook page.

Needless to say, I will NOT be joining that and hopefully, I’ll be able to unsubscribe from this nonsense.



The Mojo Make Money System is just another empty promise promoted through YouTube spam comments. It certainly isn’t the only one out there. I have exposed a few of them on this site. I don’t know how well this marketing method works for these hucksters, but it definitely isn’t ethical and it gives us legitimate marketers a bad name.


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Questions or comments? If you have experience with Mojo Make Money System, other than what I described, I’d be interested to learn about it. Just leave your comments below and I will respond.



  1. Dave Krigger

    Hi Steve, what are shucksters like this looking for? Likes? Emails? I would think that with such bad copy that anyone who did provide an email would unsubscribe.

    Or, is this a phishing exercise. Go to facebook or a spoof site to get them to click on a link?

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Steve

      They are looking to sell a membership and build an email list. When you give them your email, there is video where the owner claims he will show you how he easily makes $6,000 per month. I have a hard time believing that based on the terribly written sales copy.

  2. Felion

    Thanks posting a review Steve good thing i always to my digging and deep reviews before i signup for a site. I saw that same comment for the mojo on youtube as well. While i was Tutorial for Amazon Affiliated links which i think is actually way better and real

    I’m working on my travel blog right now hoping to earn some extra money from it in the future it don’t really matter how much i start owning from my blog but as long as i start making some type of earnings from it i will be happy to know that i have started somewhere

  3. Kay

    Thanks for your review of this site. It is always to good get feedback for websites like this. There are so many of these websites out there and some of them are not so easily to detect, it’s review like yours consumers have to count on. So thanks again for your honest feedback.

    • Steve

      This is the kind of thing that I would have been sucked into when I was first starting out. I can certainly appreciate the appeal of free training but in my experience, you get what you pay for.

  4. Jagi

    Hi Steve,

    I like the review you have done on Mojo Make Money. System. I rightly agree that when one is misled, it kind of throws shade on rest of the system. I have seen their advert on youtube, I was semi sort of interested. But now after reading your review, I am glad I didn’t get sucked into their system.

    • Steve

      There are quite a few programs being promoted through YouTube comment spam. I will admit that it is a clever way to get free traffic to a site where you can build a mailing list. The problem is, they’re not really offering any value and most of the time they’re only promoting cheesy Clickbank products.

  5. Dec

    There are so many of these guys out there, trying to part us from our hard earned cash, and not enough sites like this exposing them. Give yourself a pat on the back sir, hell, have a large glass of whisky, you deserve it.

    Then when you´re done, get back out there and expose more scammers…The internet needs more people like you!

    I truly hope you find a thousand more online scams and steer people well clear of the dangers they pose.

    Good on ya!

    • Steve

      Thank you. I believe I will have myself a rum based drink (or 2) 🙂 I will also be exposing all of these phony testimonies that I can find!

  6. Karlo

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about program called Mojo make money system. I have to point out, you really explain in details everything we need to know about this program and I’m glad that I read your article before joining this program. Thank you for sharing

  7. Kenny Lee

    No. I’ve never heard of them and wouldn’t be a tiny bit interested in programs that I couldn’t trace to any owners. I’ve been in revenue sharing programs where the owners are conducting regular webinars. Even that has been branded as scams which I prefer to think otherwise. Mojo money system? No thanks.

  8. Andrew

    Hi there Steve! I just read your review here on the Mojo system and just needed to drop you a quick comment to say thanks. Thanks for a great laugh that is!

    I couldn’t believe just how poor this sales page was. To be honest I was so amazed that I did actually sit through a bit of the sales video. All I can say is that the video is as bad as the sales copy on the front page!

    However, I do wonder where this guy is making his money? The video shows what appears to be a genuine Paypal account with some pretty healthy sums going in there. Never the less, I won’t be joining!

    Oh and one other thing that I noticed on the sales video. On the sales page we are told the system is free but then on the video we learn that it costs $7! Do people actually fall for this?

  9. Ankit

    Thanks God I read your review before doing anything. I think the name ” MOJO” is highly catchy and sounds attractive in terms of marketing from my perspective and the owner seems to be a fan of the famous cartoon’s character “MOJO JOJO” ( you can google it ) And the best part is “MOJO JOJO” was the negative character And when it comes to MOJO make money system then I don’t give a damn about it. (sorry for using such words). Thanks for this honest review.

  10. Lauren Kinghorn

    Ha ha, I took one look at the name “mojo make money system” and knew this would only be worthy of a bad review. The sales copy provided more laughs. Your title – a joke – is so apt. Thanks for the giggles. Are there any side hustles that don’t take up too much time or money that you can recommend while we’re blogging our hearts out?

    • Steve

      Yes, this is one of the most poorly designed landing pages I’ve seen and I have seen a few. They will never be found in search engines so they spam YouTube comments and say they are making tons of money with these sites.

      I am also a working musician in a city full of working musicians, so that is a hustle in itself! I know a couple of Uber drivers who enjoy that and make some decent extra money. Other than that, I’m not aware of too many side hustles. Just keep blogging your heart out!


  11. Richardo

    Thanks everyone for your useful helpful tips, but how about pointing a newby in the best proven, non scamming, profitable direction.. I could really use some honest no bull suggestions

  12. Began Malik

    What a joke — You did some negative review of some product & you promote your own aff offer. Do some work poor guy. then come with your own product. Such a big lie in your work.

    • Steve

      I can understand why you would say that. However, making fake accounts and spamming the comment section of someone else’s video for your own personal gain is a joke and I stand by that. People find my website because I know how to get my content ranked without having to hijack someone else’s work. And how did I learn to that? Through the program I recommend.

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