What Is Liveonlinejob.com?

what is liveonlinejob.com



Liveonlinejob is one of the strangest sales funnels I have ever come across. In this article. I’ll explain why it is so strange and why you shouldn’t take anything on this site seriously.

There is nothing wrong with using a sales funnel, (most successful online businesses do) but it should be done ethically. Websites like Liveonlinejob.com (and there are many) use sleazy methods of driving traffic to their useless sites.


This is how they work.


They build a simple website under the guise of helping you find online work. Many of them even use the word “job” in their site names.


Then, they open a fake YouTube account and spam the comment sections of video’s in the “make money online” niche. They brag about how much money they are making with Liveonlinejob.com in this example.


That is exactly how I learned about this website.


What Does Liveonlinejob.com Offer?


One of the things I like to do when visiting a website like this is to look at the links in the footer menu.

You can learn a lot about what kind of people you’re dealing with by checking those links.

So, I clicked the link that says “Company” and below is what I found.


They actually look like a professional company but there are no clickable links on this page. So, I figured I’d try to find more information about them on their home page. You can click either “Click Here” or “Learn More” and you are redirected to the same page.




Okay so, maybe not such a professional company after all but do offer other opportunities? I’ll briefly talk about the other programs here.


eCom Profit Sniper


eCom Profit Sniper is a video course that teaches people how to build an online business. Like so many other programs out there, the sales page is packed full of hype and it over promises and under delivers.


This program focuses on drop shipping and selling on the shopify platform. I do believe that shopify is a good platform for people who want to open an online store, but shopify offers plenty of their own video training. I doubt that eCom Profit Sniper will teach anything that you can’t learn directly from shopify.


eCom Profit Sniper encourages affiliates to exaggerate about their results. I am being generous by using the word “exaggerate“.


Here’s an example:


Anyone who earns money online knows that these results will NEVER happen for a brand new person.

Personally, I would not recommend a program that encourages these kinds of promises.


Profit With Alex


Profit With Alex has all the tell-tale signs of a classic scam.
He (Alex) uses a phony image of him and his family sitting on the lawn in front of a beautiful home which happens to be a stock photo used on several other websites. The same is true of the people who are featured in his fake testimonials.


There isn’t much more I can tell you about this product because there is no way of telling which scam you will be lead to if you are unfortunate enough to be sucked in by the hype.


Don’t Get Scammed THIS Is The REAL DEAL


Paid Surveys

Want to know how people make REAL money with surveys? By suckering people into buying courses on taking surveys which is exactly what liveonlinejob is trying to do. In reality, paid surveys will take up a lot of your time and in the end, you are likely to earn much less than a minimum wage job!


I know this because I have tried several survey sites and I have earned commissions from people buying these courses against my recommendations!

Social Paid


This is trying to sell you on paidsocialmediajobs.com. Social media managers or consultants are a fairly new field and there are people making tons of money with it. However, their path to success is much different from what is taught through paidsocialmediajobs.com.
With this program, you have to pay to have access a job board where you can bid on social media jobs. From what I have read there are more people looking for jobs than there are companies posting jobs. This is a big problem! This means that in order to get jobs, you’ll have to underbid your competitors to the point where it is no longer worth your time.




Liveonlinejob.com is not be trusted nor are any of their recommended programs.
It is a scam that promotes products with layers of scams.


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