What Is Le Vel Thrive?

 The Le Vel Thrive Experience

The Le Vel Thrive experience is an 8 week program that claims to improve the physical and mental well being of its users in several ways including:

  • Weight Management
  • Digestive & Immune Support
  • Age-Defying & Antioxidant Support
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • Cognitive Performance


Before you get too far into reading this article, I’d like to set a couple of expectations;


1.I am only interested in looking at this from a financial perspective. I want to talk about the cost of the products and the business opportunity end of it.

2. I am not going to debate whether or not the products work. There are plenty of websites already doing a fine job at that.


Le Vel Thrive Product Prices

Le Vel currently offers 11 products (more are being developed) and are bundled into 2 different price packages.

Lifestyle Pack $100

Tone Pack        $140

There is also a couple pack for $200 which is just 2 Lifestyle Packs.


The only difference I can find between the 2 packs on Le Vel’s website is that the Lifestyle Pack offers 1 shake per day, while the Tone Pack offers 1 – 2 shakes per day.


Are Le Vel Thrive Products Worth The Money?

In my opinion, no. There are a couple of reasons why I say that.

There is nothing magical about these products. No secret ingredients that can’t be found elsewhere for much less money. If you want to see a cost comparison, this article breaks it down quite nicely.

Another reason I strongly believe they are overpriced is because they are sold through an MLM which means that the products have to be overpriced to make them profitable.


To be fair, “overpriced” is a relative term. If people believe they are getting fair value for their money, then the price is right for them. Personally, I prefer to pay to less when I can with all things being equal.


Le Vel Thrive MLM

The Le Vel Thrive business model works the same as just about any other MLM out there. Promoters earn money by selling to customer, plus they earn commissions from the sales of their recruits. You can earn commissions up to 8 levels deep once you qualify.

Reading the compensation plan on their site didn’t make it very clear to me exactly what you need to do to qualify for 8 levels of compensation.


Would I Recommend Le Vel Thrive?

I would not recommend promoting Thrive. Not because I think this is a bad company. I have just developed a strong dislike of MLM’s having been involved with several in the past.

I have personally known millionaires who build multi-million dollar networks only to lose them overnight! Can you imagine spending several decades building a business only to have it taken away on a whim?

That alone is enough reason for me to avoid these business models.


Residual Income

The biggest reason for me getting involved with MLM’s in the past was the idea of earning residual income. Getting paid over and over again for work done one time. What a great concept!

That was the most disappointing part of my MLM failures. I couldn’t see any other way of earning an ongoing income like that.

Luckily, affiliate marketing came along and I finally found a way to build residual income. There’s nothing like checking your email in the morning to see that you made money while you slept!

Learn More About That Here


  1. Rusty

    I am a truck driver that weighs over 400 pounds don’t get a lot of exercise because I have to drive for 11 hours and of course you know truckstop food is not the healthiest in the world I am interested in thrive I have a promoter I’ve been talking to not sure if it’s the right thing to do given my situation

    • Steve

      It doesn’t seem like taking supplements alone would help in your situation. I would probably look for low calorie snacks that I could eat throughout the day to avoid the truck stop food. I’m not a dietitian so I can’t really advise you on this though.

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