What Is Killer Content System?

Killer Content System

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Product: Killer Content System

Website: http://killercontent.com

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Price: $37 Plus Up sells

Rank: 6 Out Of 10




If you decide to watch the sales video, you will notice that he shows screenshots of huge Clickbank earnings. What you need to understand is that this program is also sold through Clickbank which means there are many affiliate marketers out there promoting this product for him. You are not likely to make that kind of money by simply following the training in this program.

Overview Of The Killer Content System

The creator of Killer Content System promises to help you make money online effortlessly with no prior experience whatsoever. You can see from the video screenshot above that wants to put his “money-getting system” to work for you. Money-getting system? Seriously……who talks like that? Okay, that’s not really important I guess.


What you will get is a good variety of training videos which is generally considered to be a good thing. The problem is a lack of clear direction. People who are new may tend to jump around from one idea to another without fully understanding a single concept.


This often leads to frustration and failure. This was a major problem for me when I was starting out and I no longer have that problem since I discovered my #1 recommendation.


Pros Vs Cons




  • Low entry fee.
  • Lots of video training.( A BIG plus for me.)
  • Additional tools that may be useful for business building




  • Information overload could be a problem with no clear guidance.
  • Training that is not regularly updated can become obsolete or harmful to your business.
  • Support emails have been known to go unanswered.
  • No community aspect. (This is a HUGE con for me.)
  • You cannot try before you buy.
  • Training videos try to upsell you on more products!


Who Is This Program For? 

While the video claims that this program is great for beginners with absolutely no experience, it probably isn’t. The 10 training videos teach different aspects of affiliate market that are not easy or even plausible for a beginner. For example, if you do not already have an established website and an extensive mailing list, what good will it do you to learn how to increase the conversion rate of your list?


This is just one reason why I would not recommend this program to people who are just starting out. People with no experience who want to get started can get started for free here.


Killer Content System Training And Tools

Some of the training videos  cover the following:


  • Add thousands of subscribers to your list in only a couple of hours. (Requirs an auto-responder)
  • Make money AND build your list with ebay.
  • Increase your earnings by 68% with resale rights too your product. (Assumes you know how to create an information product)
  • Making money with PLR packages. (PLR is low quality content that I do not recommend using!)
  • Improving conversion rates for your list.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Several other more advanced techniques.


My Final Opinion On Killer Content System


There is a fair amount of video content for the price (assuming you don’t fall for the upsells), but it is not designed for the beginner. There are also too many distraction due the all of the additional offers you’ll be presented with while watching the training videos. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will be well advised to start with a program that will hold your hand and take you step-by-step through the process of creating an online business.


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Killer Content System At A Glance



Product: Killer Content System

Website: http://killercontent.com

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Price: $37 Plus Up sells

Rank: 6 Out Of 10

Verdict: NOT recommended



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