What Is Isagenix?

What is isagenixIsagenix is yet another company who manufactures products in the health and wellness niche and distributes them through the network marketing or multi-level marketing business model. Isagenix products are broken into 4 different categories and product bundles are suggested based on your individual goals.

The Isagenix product categories are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • Performance
  • Healthy Aging

I will briefly cover the products in each category and talk a little bit about the business opportunity.

Company: Isagenix International, LLC
Website:    https://www.isagenix.com/
Price:          $29+ Depending on what you buy
Rank:          N/A



Isagenix Weight Loss

Isagenix offers a number of products aimed and weight loss. Some can be purchased individually while some are offered as product packages. Some of these can be pretty pricey. See the image below.

Isagenix weight loss

$378.50 for a 30 day supply is a bit expensive in my opinion. (All items may be purchased separately) Of course, there is probably a very nice profit margin if you can sell these packages as a distributor. It’s hard to imagine selling many though, wouldn’t you think?

Look, if you want to lose weight there is simple concept called a “calorie deficit”.

Here’s how it works; you burn more calories than you consume and the weight will come off. Pretty strait forward!

Isagenix talks about “cleansing” and “detoxification” quite a bit. These are nothing more than marketing buzz words. Let me ask you this:

Do you have a liver?

Do you have at least 1 kidney?

If you answered yes, you already have all of the cleansing and detoxifying equipment your body needs.

Isagenix Energy

Isagenix energy

The energy pack has several meal replacement products such as bars and shakes. They also have energy shots similar to 5 hour energy and they have their own coffee line. The main ingredient to boost your energy appears to be caffeine. Again, something that you can get anywhere for much less money.

These products claim to have antioxidants. Another marketing buzzword.

Why antioxidants?

Well, oxygen is what causes metal to rust. If it can do that to metal, imagine what it can do to your organs.

That really is the reasoning for many people and it’s a bit silly if you ask me. Besides once again, your body is already equipped with everything it needs to fight free radicals.

Their coffee also contains coconut oil. The darling of the health food movement. Forget about the fact that it’s very high in saturated fat. Just buy because coconut oil cures everything! (Yes, I’m being facetious)

Isagenix Performance

The performance system offers a number of products to help boost energy levels, build muscle and help with muscle recovery for those who like to push their bodies to the limit.

Isagenix Healthy Aging

Before researching this program, I had never heard of telomere. I did some research and learned that telomere helps inhibit chromosome deterioration during the DNA reproduction process which causes aging. You can read more about telomere here.

Are Isagenix Products Worth The Money?

Some Isagenix customers have no problem with their prices while others think they way over-priced for the amount of product received. Personally, I think that any of the ingredients found in these products that have any kind of health benefit can be found elsewhere at a much lower price.

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The Isagenx Business Opportunity

There are 3 ways to get involved with Isagenix as an independent business owner/distributor.

  1. Talk with someone who’s already in to sponsor you
  2. Leave your contact information on the Isagenix website
  3. Order a product and you will automatically be enrolled. It happened to a colleague of mine

Once you become a member, the idea is to:

  • Use the products
  • Sell the products
  • Teach others to sell the products and duplicate the process


Isagenix Compensation Plan

When I was involved with MLM’s some 20+ years ago, the compensation plans were fairly strait forward and easy to understand. Today, I find all of them to be totally confusing. You can see Isagenix compensation plan in this pdf.



If you decide to get involved with Isagenix (or any other MLM) you are likely to end up frustrated, broker than you were when you started and you may even chase a few friends away. I know this from experience. Multi-level marketing is one of the worst ways you could possibly attempt to build a long term, stable business.

There are far too many of them out there now and due to the bad reputation they’ve gotten over the past few decades, your prospects are now more limited than ever.

I’ve found that affiliate marketing has several huge advantages over MLM.

  • It is less expensive
  • Your achieve profits quicker (in may cases)
  • You are learning skills that will be applicable for years to come


Any questions or comments? Leave them in the comment section below and I will respond.



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