What Is Get Weekly Paychecks? – MLM Tool

Get Weekly Paychecks is a suite of lead generation tools that was developed specifically to help people who are building their Motor Club Of America businesses. In fact, you must be an MCA associate to even use this product.


Product: Get Weekly Paychecks
Website: http://getweeklypaychecks.com/
Price:  $20 Per Month

The owners of Get Weekly Paychecks are Motor Club Of America members who wanted to build a marketing system that would automate the process of finding more qualified leads for their MCA businesses. After having exploded their MCA business income (as they claim), they decided to make this system available to all MCA members for a monthly membership fee of $20.


The sales video at getweeklypaychecks.com is well done. You can see that they really took the time to put a very convincing promotion together. There are many testimonials from happy customers. They don’t tell you anything about how it works but they claim to love this system.



There is a lot of talk about setting up auto-pilot systems that make you money while you sleep. That’s right, no work on your end. Set it and forget it. There are generally 3 outcomes with these kind of claims:


  • You do nothing and make no money
  • It is a LOT more work than you were lead to believe
  • You work hard and still make no money!


From my experience with these types of “systems”, you probably can make some money if you work really hard at it. But you will probably not make the easy money you are lead to believe in the sales videos.


How do I know?


Look, if you could just hand over a $20 dollar bill to someone and suddenly start receiving a cash windfall with no effort, everybody would know about it! You cannot hide something like that. Especially online!


Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam?


I wouldn’t call Get Weekly Paychecks a scam. In fact, if you know nothing about marketing online, you will probably need much more training than you will get from Motor Club Of America. Why do you think someone took the time to develop their own marketing system?


This product also has an affiliate program of its own and you will earn $5 per month for every new getweeklypaychecks customer you refer.


Just be prepared to work the system because auto-pilot doesn’t exist. I know, I have been looking for that for almost 30 years now 🙂






  1. Juan Ramon

    Get Weekly Paychecks is a scam, i made it and never get money, why this webs make this with people!!!!!!

    You will find out that Get Weekly Paychecks is a sales funnel for Motor Club of America. MCA is a multi-level marketing company that deals with a roadside service and discounts on various services as well (yes, any time you have a sponsor, and you can be someone else’s sponsor, and you’re marketing a product, it’s mlm: hence multi-level).

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