What Is Forever Living Products?

Forever Living Products is a company that manufactures and distributes aloe vera based health and wellness products. The company was founded by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan in Tempe, Arizona in 1978. Forever Living Products uses the multi level marketing model to distribute products and allows anyone to become an independent business owner referred to as “Forever Business Owner’s” or FBO’s.



Name: Forever Living Products

Website: https://foreverliving.com

Price: Zero To Sign Up

Owners: Rex Maughan, CEO

Verdict: Legit


This will be a fairly extensive article so I have provided a table of contents.


  • The Products
  • Start Up Costs
  • Compensation Plan
  • What To Expect
  • Training
  • Philanthropy
  • My Recommendation

Forever Living Aloe Vera Products

Forever living offers a number of products in several categories.


  • Bee Products (Honey based, non aloe)
  • Drinks
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Care
  • Skin Care
  • Weight Management
  • Combo Packs (A little of everything)

Bee Products

forever living bee products

Forever Living offers the honey we are all familiar with and 3 honey based tablets. Honey based products have become very popular over the last few years due to their “Superfood” status. Personally, I have always found the term superfood to be a bit silly. It’s really more of a marketing term than a real food category.



Forever Living Products Drinks

forever living products drinks

forever living products aloe tea
Forever Aloe Vera Gel is an ingestible aloe gel that you mix with your favorite fruit juice. The others have artificial flavors including orange, apple cranberry and peaches. Forever Living Products also offers an aloe based herbal tea.







Nutritional Products

Click the above image to see all Forever Living Products nutritional supplements
Forever Living Products offers 15 different nutritional supplements in tablet form. Each one focuses on a different superfood such as:

  • Beta-carotene)
  • Ginkgo
  • Garlic

They also offer chewable multivitamins for kids.



Personal Care

The personal care products include:


  • Lip Balm
  • Tooth Gel
  • Bar Soap
  • Deodorant
  • After Shave
  • Lotion for minor skin irritations
  • Laudry Detergent

See all personal care products here.



Skin Care

There are 14 different aloe vera based skin products. Lotions, creams, toners etc.

See the list here.



Weight Management

These drinks and tablets are not meant to help you lose weight, but to supplement a healthier diet. Diet and exercise are still the most important factors in weight loss. The chocolate and vanilla pouches are to help make skim milk more tolerable.



Forever Living Products Combo Pak

As you can see, the combo pak has a variety of personal care and grooming products.


What Does It Cost To Get Started?

Forever Living Products has a few different starter kits at different prices. Starter kits are only a suggestion. You do NOT need to purchase anything to get started. However, it’s kind of difficult to sell products that you’ve never tried or know nothing about.


In order to start a Forever Living Products business, you need to have a sponsor. Most people are invited to join and the person who invites you in becomes your sponsor. If you haven’t been invited, or if you weren’t sent there through an affiliate website, you can join through the Forever Living website and you will choose from a list of potential sponsors based on your location.


If you decide to find your own sponsor, you may want to contact them though email (email addresses are provided) and make sure they are still active in the business. A good sponsor will reach out to you and guide through the early stages of starting your business.


The Compensation Plan



What You Should Expect


As a person with experience in MLM’s, I’d like to share a little wisdom with you on what you should expect when building this type of business.



Expect Rejection

When I joined my first MLM, I was fired up! Excited about my future and all the money I was going to make. When I told family members and my closest friends about my new venture, I was met with skepticism and derision. It really knocked the wind out of my sails!


How could they not see what I was seeing? How could they not see the benefit of getting involved themselves?


I quickly learned by talking with people in my upline that this was to be expected. The fact is, most people won’t share your enthusiasm or even support your decision to be involved with an MLM. Sometimes, some of them will come around. Especially if they see you achieve some level of success. BUT, whatever you do, don’t chase people!


To make money, and I mean serious money, you’re going to need a large network of FBO’s in your downline. That means that you are going to have to present the opportunity to a LOT of people. You are going to get far more nos than yes’s in the process so rejection is something you need to able to deal with on a regular basis.



Even when people do decide to get in, the vast majority of them will do little to nothing. Most people do not have what it takes to build a successful business. That is why most people work jobs.


Prepare To Operate At A Loss

At least in the early stages. I shelled out thousands of dollars over a period of several years on educational materials, tools, seminars and conferences. The thing is, if you’re going to be successful with an MLM, you’ll have to be “all in”. That means spending money even before you’ve earned any. If you don’t have extra disposable income every month, this may not be the right business for you.


Believe me when I tell you that it is much less expensive and much less frustrating to learn how to build an online business.


What Kind Of Tools & Training Are Available?



The Forever Living website has around a dozen training videos shot on location at business conferences. I haven’t watched these videos, nor do I plan to, but you should be able to get training from your sponsor as well. This is a business of duplication so your sponsor needs to train you well so you in turn can train others well. That is the key to success with MLM’s.


Now that the MLM industry has the internet, a luxury we didn’t have in my MLM days, some FBO’s are setting up their own websites to train their downline.




FLP360 is the online back office to your Forever Living business. It helps you manage your customers as well as your dowline. It organizes data in a way that helps you recognize the weak spots in your business so you know what needs improvement.


They claim to give you 4 unique websites but that is not actually true. You are allowed to build 4 unique pages on their website. There is no training for building effective web pages so most people will get no value whatsoever from these pages. This is a subscription service. $20 per month in the US. Prices vary depending on what country you live in.


You are not allowed to sell Forever Living Products on an independent website unless the company approves it. I strongly disagree with this policy. Especially when you are paying for an online presence.



Forever Living Products Gives Back

Forever Living Products supports the charitable foundation Forever Giving to battle world hunger. They encourage FBO’s to give monthly. Their goal is to pack 5 million meals by 2020.


My Final Recommendation


As you can see, Forever Living Products is a legit company and not a scam. Would I recommend getting involved? No. I have nothing against this particular company. I just don’t like MLM’s. I wasted far too much time and money chasing a dream that was never going to happen.


I was ambitious and willing to work hard. But in spite of that, you can’t make your downline do a damn thing!

There is nothing unique about my story. Millions of others have had the same experience as I have.


In the information age, it makes much more sense to build an online business. Get started on your own today for FREE.


Do you have experience with Forever Living Products or any other MLM? What do you think? Please leave our comment below.


  1. Greg Cook

    Thanks for a very fair and honest review of the Forever Living MLM company. I have been involved with several MLM companies – Herbalife, Nuskin, Usana and have lost a lot of money. I totally agree with everything you say. You have to outlay money continually to be involved, but very few really make any serious money. The MLM system was developed in the seventies, long before the internet was around, so selling to friends and family was the easiest way to find people. Now with the internet and social media, we have access to millions of people online. The opportunity with internet marketing now is enormous, but MLM is stuck with an out of date system. You have written a very concise review. Keep up the good work.

    • Steve

      Hey Greg,

      Yes, MLM’s were lucrative for some in the 70’s like you said but it was a much different world then. Personal relationships were a huge part of building that type of business and we live in a very impersonal world now. Most people have a better relationship with their smartphone than they do with other people. 

      Plus there were only a handful of MLM’s in the 70’s and 80’s. Today, new MLM’s are popping up all the time and it’s become way too saturated.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. angelce903


    I agree with you, I don’t like MLMs. Why? I’ve always thought that you rarely profit from it and that the independent distributors were the only clients of these companies.Moreover, I’ve heard some many stories of people who were devastated after their many losses that I don’t even want to start a business like that. Thanks for your review!

    • Steve

      So, I’m guessing you have never been personally involved with MLM. Good for you! They are money pits in my experience along with millions of others,

  3. Himbru

    Great informative article on forever living products. forever living is a prestigious company that provides many lifestyle and personal care products with great value for money. specially, I love their aloe Vera products for skin care. From my own experience I can say that forever living products are best in the industry and also one can start high return business through this company.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. SJ

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your thorough review of Forever Living.

    While I have not heard of this MLM in particular I am not foreign to the concept of MLMs.
    And yes I agree, they sell MLMs as almost a ticket to financial freedom but what they don’t tell you is the hard work, high expenses and high rejection rates to get there.

    At the end of the day, MLMs are not for me!

  5. Jordan

    This is a good and thorough review, thanks! I’m intrigued.

    I have to admit, I’ve had different MLM set ups pitched to me before, but I never have gone for it.

    How does Forever Living Products compare to Amway, that you know of?

    I also see you have familiarity with affiliate marketing. How would you compare MLM and affiliate marketing? Which do you think is better?

    • Steve

      I was in Amway back in the early 90’s. They had a much broader product line which made it a much better opportunity at one time. Unfortunately, when some of Amway founders kids’ got involved, they destroyed the businesses of many people who put a lot of blood sweat and tears into building that company.

      Just goes to show who’s business it REALLY is.

      At one time believed that MLM’s were a revolutionary idea for product distribution and entrepreneurship. However, the information age completely changed the world and rendered that business model obsolete.

      I am an extreme introvert who despises face to face selling which hindered my aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur in the old days. Affiliate marketing is the ultimate solution for people like myself. 

      It levels the playing field in a way few of could have hoped for 25 years ago.

      • Thanks for the info, Steve!

        I didn’t realize Amway had gone through such a shift, although I know they’ve been around for a while.

        I definitely agree about affiliate marketing! It creates an opportunity for the majority of people out there that aren’t comfortable with face-to-face sales.

        • Steve

          Yes, the golden ages of Amway is nothing but a distant memory now. When it was a “ground floor” opportunity it was great. I had always hoped that I would be able to recognize a ground floor opportunity in my lifetime, and I believe affiliate marketing is it!

  6. All a scam done several mlm all about the other guy n making you look like a ass. And i should be making money not giving it to you where ill never see or get back again i lost hundreds on crap like this stop it

    • Steve

      I agree. I’ve done a few of them too and will never do it again. That’s why I recommend against them.

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