What Is Firepa.com?

Lots of people are spamming YouTube videos and blog posts with claims of make $3,000 per month with Firepa.com. So you may be wondering “What is Firepa.com?” Is it the real deal? Actually Firepa started out as yet another one of those gateway sites that promoted cheap Clickbank products.


They started out by giving visitors a choice of 4 different Clickbank products to chose from but they no longer even have their own website anymore. Now, of you type firepa.com into your browser’s address bar, you are redirected to the last remaining product they still recommend.


What Does Firepa.com Recommend?


what is firepa.comFirepa.com simply redirects you to a sales page for Get Cash For Surveys. On this sales page, you will read about a single dad who lost his job, didn’t know how he would feed his child, yadda, yadda yadda.


Then his friend showed him a nice paycheck for doing online surveys and the rest is history as they say. This got me thinking. Why doesn’t everybody do this if it’s so easy?

I think you know that answer to that.


Take a look at this fake sample survey they have on their sales page.



Why do say it’s fake? Because it says 10 Questions – Payment $15. This is not how paid surveys work! You usually have to answer a lot more than 10 questions just to see if you qualify for a survey that actually pays! Yes, you will deal with many pre-surveys in the world of paid surveys.


Real Survey Sites


You should never have to pay to join a legitimate survey site. If you join Get Cash For Surveys, you could end up paying close to $200 with all of the up-sells. While I am not a big fan of survey sites, if I had to recommend one it would be Swagbucks. Swagbucks offers several ways to make money besides surveys but it’s not a lot of money.


Who Are Survey Sites For?


Survey sites are best suited for people who have a lot of extra time on their hands and nothing better to do. If you waste countless hours online, then surveys can be an easy way to pick up a few extra bucks. You are not likely to replace the income from a former job. The pay is typically less than minimum wage in most cases.


If you decide that you want to give paid surveys a shot, please don’t buy into one of these programs. Do your research and find something you can join for free.

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      Unfortunately, I haven’t found any legitimate sources of regular jobs that are easy to get online. That’s why I recommend that people learn how to market online.

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