What Is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

csmWhat is Coffee Shop Millionaire? What kind of images come to mind when you read those words? Can you learn to open a bunch of your own coffee shops and earn millions?

I’m being facetious of course.


He could have just as easily named it “Kitchen Table Millionaire”, “Couch Potato Millionaire” or “In My Underwear Millionaire”. As long as YOU are convinced that following this program will make YOU a millionaire, every other word is irrelevant.


So, let’s take a look at what Coffee Shop Millionaire has to offer shall we?

Overview Of Coffee Shop Millionaire


Product: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Website: www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com
Owner:    Anthony Trister
Price: $37 per month (Trying to leave without buying eh?…. Okay, we’ll take $10 off your first month)
Upsells, of course.


What Happens Inside?


Once you pay whatever amount you paid to get in (depending on your level of stubbornness) you will immediately see a pitch to pay $297 for the advanced “whatever“. You know……. the training that will really show you how to make the big bucks!

Coffee Shop Billionaire perhaps? 🙂

Actually, it’s called the Six Figure Success Club.

So, for $37 I can learn to generate 7 figures but for $297 I can learn to create 6 figures? I’m confused!


I know, I’m knit-picking so let’s move on to………..


Training And Support


csmtThe training consists of 12 training modules which are accompanied by videos that provide some extra general information. There is also a community aspect to each training module where you can ask questions if you’re not clear about something presented in the training. The usefulness of the community is minimal at best since many very basic questions go unanswered.


One of the tools you will have access to is a “Cheat Sheet” which is supposed to help you earn $21K in a mater of weeks without a list or a product of your own. This is a pretty bold claim and not something a new marketer can achieve in all likelihood.


Anthony Trister might make this kind of money but, this is because he has an army of affiliates promoting this program. It takes years of experience and a lot of hard work to get to the point where you can pull in this kind of income online.




When you are first getting started in this business, support can be one of the most important aspects of your training. Getting your questions answered in a timely fashion can be the difference between you moving forward or quitting with frustration.

Getting support from the owners and other experienced members is where my
#1 recommendation beats the pants off anything else that’s out there!


The support system with Coffee Shop Millionaire can be hit or miss and many of the most basic questions go unanswered on their site and their Facebook page.


Pros & Cons




  • Fairly honest about income potential (despite using “millionaire” in the product name)
  • Low cost compared to running a traditional “bricks & mortar” business
  • 60 money back guarantee




  • Immediate upsells!
  • Having “millionaire” in the name can create unrealistic expectations
  • Additional monthly expenses not mentioned upfront
  • Support can be lacking or non-existent


 A Quick Comparison




The REAL Cost Of CSM


Let’s crunch some numbers here.

If you become a Coffee Shop Millionaire member for 1 year you are looking at $37 x 12 + the $297 upsell + $100 for recommending hosting + ?

So, you are looking at a minimum of $841 for the first year!

Do you want a premium keyword research tool? If you want to achieve high search engine rankings you will and that will cost you even more!


The REAL Cost Of Wealthy Affiliate


The premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is $47 monthly with an option of paying $359 annually. The first month is only $19 so even if you go with the monthly plan, the most you would pay is $536 for the first year. And look and how much more you get for $305 less per year!


  • Unlimited Premium Hosting
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Live Help 24 Hours Per Day
  • Private Mentoring (I don’t need a REAL job)
  • Up To 25 Free Sub-Domains
  • Step-By-Step Training That You Won’t Find ANYWHERE Else!
  • Try BEFORE You Buy!


If you serious about investing in an online business, checking out the free membership available through my #1 recommendation is an absolute no-brainer! See you inside!









  1. Michael

    You give great info for people to follow to Learn Affiliate Marketing from the best (Wealthy Affiliate) instead of the rest that do not even come close to comparing. Great Links to places for access to the best teacher!

  2. Kristy

    Ummm, yeah… seems like there is no comparison between the two, especially when you show it in the chart and you show how much more you are getting for less money with Wealthy Affiliate! Great review.

  3. Claudia

    Yes, this was interesting. People would be impressed by the information in the chart comparing the two sites. The Cons section was a good idea.

  4. Ana

    Hi Steve, you make a really good comparison between CFM and Wealthy Affiliate. You make a good point for someone who is looking for these kinds of programs and is comparing just prices. But when you compare prices and the education and support you get, it’s really a no-brainer.

  5. Cathy

    It’s been a while since I read a review on CSM. I remember there were a lot of up-sells and I even get emails from Anthony on some limited offer months ago. Your review clearly shows that he hasn’t make any effort to improvise on his marketing strategy as well as his online reputation.

    It is pretty bad for him because in every scam reviews, you’ll almost always find CSM in it.

    • Steve

      Hey Cathy,

      According to Clickbank gravity, this program still sells and with an average re-bill (upsell value) of over $900, he still see’s a nice profit. These people know how to sell the dream and new people are susceptible to these sales tactics because they haven’t been scammed yet. Some of us have been through enough of these to know how to research them properly.


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