What Is Cashema.com? Nothing To See Here

Have you seen people around the internet talking about cashema.com? Lately, I have seen quite a few people spamming the Youtube video comment sections talking about them. So, what is cashema.com? Can you really make $100+ per day with cashema? First, let’s talk about what cashema actually is.


What Cashema.com Really Is




I have recently come to learn that cashema.com is no longer a website but a simple redirect to TakeSurveysForCash.com which is a different paid survey course than what they where originally promoting when I wrote this article. Why the change? I can only speculate but I believe I have a pretty good hypothesis.


  1. Build a site that offers several Clickbank products
  2. Spam popular YouTube videos to create interest
  3. Find out which product sells the best
  4. Redirect you visitors to the best seller


While I admit that this is only speculation, I have good reason to believe I’m right. You see, cashema.com was what is known as a “gateway site”. I have an article on another gateway site called atoce.com and I have actually sold several “make money with surveys” products through that article. Those products seem to be the best sellers right now so it would make sense to focus on pushing those courses.


Gateway sites are a clever way to market products but the spammy marketing tactics used to build interest are a bit sleazy in my opinion. I would prefer to learn how to promote products ethically like they teach in my #1 recommendation.


Cashema.com boasts that they are the #1 most influential website for online jobs. What they actually are is a site that promotes several Clickbank opportunities. While Clickbank does offer a few (very few) legitimate opportunities, it looks as though cashema has decided to promote high profit programs rather than programs that may actually be useful.


Here’s what they offer:


Google Sniper

Get Cash For Surveys


Paid Social Media Jobs


1.) Google Sniper



The first of 4 opportunities offered is Google Sniper. Google Sniper has nothing to do with an online job. In fact, none of the Cashema.com offers are jobs! Google Sniper is an outdated affiliate marketing course. I would not recommend buying this course. You can read my full Google Sniper review here.


2.) Get Cash For Surveys


cfsHere you are told about how companies spend a fortune improving their products and they need the opinions of real people just like you. While it’s true that you can make a little money taking survey’s, you will probably not make more than $5 per hour in a best case scenario. Even if you do, you will not find more than 1 of these in a single day. It’s an utter waste of time in my opinion!


3.) Earn Cash Just By Uploading Videos


This is a promotion for a product called Tube Launch. You can tell that they (cashema.com) link you to a Clickbank product (as they do with the rest of their offers) however, this particular product may have been discontinued. I have looked at this product in the past and it did seem pretty shady so who knows…..


4.) Paid Social Media Jobs


This sounds kind of promising. It sounds like it could be a great career actually. However, you will need to start your own social media business if you want to make any money. If you pay for the course paidsocialmediajobs, you be given unrealistic task that you will never be able to make money with. Unfortunately, it is nothing but another make money scam.


Tired Of Online Scams? Check Out My #1 Recommendation


As you can see, Cashema.com doesn’t offer any real online jobs. They simply offer several Clickbank products that are also being offered by 10’s of thousands of other affiliate marketers out there. I think it’s an interesting business model however, at least they could have taken the time to offer better programs. It almost seems like they went out of their way to offer the worst of the worst.


Due to the fact that you cannot actually make money with cashema, I can only assume that the owner(s) of  cashema.com are the ones spamming YouTube videos to promote it. If they can sell 5 or 6 of these crappy programs everyday, THEY will make $100+ per day.


If you want to learn to make $100’s per day, you need to start your own online business.


  1. Wayne

    Even if Cashema (or is it CASHEMA? I see it in all caps so often) were legit, their members have ruined it with all the silly spammy comments on YouTube. A simple search of the word “cashema” on Google or other search engines should set off alarm bells. It has an Alexa rank of 729,959 for crying out loud!

    Then there’s Cashema’s home page. Wherever you happen to be and visit it, you’re told that it’s been created for residents of that country. So, as I’m in Barbados, I see:


    Oh brother!

    • Steve

      Cashema has no home page. The url is automatically redirected to a clickbank product that teaches you to make money with surveys. It may be legitimate but I seriously doubt you can make the kind of money they’re talking about.
      As far as an Alexa ranking goes, that really tells you nothing about the site since only people with the Alexa toolbar installed on their devices are counted towards their stats.

  2. Joanne

    I had not heard of Cashema before.

    Yeah, from your description those all sound like something I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

    Some people have no integrity – they’re only concerned with lining their own pockets with no regard for others.
    I know Google Sniper belongs in the digital trash can along with survey jobs, but I didn’t know about the other two.

    Looks like the only folks making any cash, is Cashema !!!

    Thanks for the “heads-up”.

    • Steve

      It’s amazing how many times I see spam on YouTube claiming to make money everyday with Cashema.com when all they do is sell Clickbank products. I knw I wouldn’t allow these types of spammy comments on my YouTube channel.

  3. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Cashema stands out for a machine to generate Cash I suppose , Steve.I have read a dozen of negative reviews about Google Sniper and I have watched a video that proved how much of a scam this product is.The surveys did not pay much , in fact I have earned $2 from surveys in a year from a single website.Amazing?

    As I understand Cashema promotes products on Clickbank that you can find there easily on your own.So why should I bother to get involved with Cashema and not try to reach these products on Clickbank at first place?

    And what is that Paid Social Media opportunity?Running twitter or facebook accounts to get paid?

    • Steve

      It’s actually a smart marketing scheme for the owner of Cashema.com. By spamming high viewership YouTube videos, there are over 10,000 monthly searches for this program. You only need to fool a small percentage of your visitors to still make a decent amount of money from sales.

      Paid Social Media is all about using Facebook to sell digital products. Tube Launch was actually banned it was such a bad product!

  4. Peter

    Hi Steve I had never heard of Cashema before I read your review and must say I have missed nothing as it’s just another waste of time scammy product making money from gullible people looking to make money online. I am pleased to see you are pointing people in the right direction though with you promotion of Wealthy Affiliate which is an awesome platform from which almost any can learn how to build a life style business online. Keep up the good work keeping people informed about the time wasting scams online such as Cashema. :)i

  5. Cindy

    Cashema – I just came across it for the first time the other day. It still amazes me how many sites there are doing variations on the same theme – they certainly don’t waste a lot of time re-inventing the wheel. Hopefully with articles like yours, unsuspecting online job seekers will be rescued from yet another scam and if they take your advice and check out your #1 recommendation, they’ll have 2 things to thank you for. Thanks for the post, Steve.

  6. Leland

    As a YouTube creator myself, I certainly run into a lot of these post comments on videos that are irrelevant to the videos content and just used as a means to get people to buy into their latest scheme (should be called CaSCHEMA!)

    I wish I could find a great method to get the word out to people that when they see these types of posts by people who don’t really understand internet marketing in the first place, to STAY CLEAR! If they’re using shady methods to promote their product, it’s likely their product is shady also!

    Keep up the good work in providing people with the knowledge to make an informed decision when they see these programs pop up!

    • Steve

      What’s interesting is that writing about these programs is a pretty good source of traffic to your own site. I haven’t received any of these on my own YouTube channel yet but if I did, I would use it as an opportunity to write a rebuttal linking to my site.

  7. Wendy

    I hate it when companies mislead people and that is exactly what Cashema does. People who are looking for a job and those looking for a home based business are two very different kinds of people.

    Any kind of legitimate business takes time to turn a profit and someone who wants to get a new job is looking for a weekly, reliable paycheck, right away. This simply can’t happen with a “clickbank get rich program”. I really wish people would stop targeting people who want a 40 hour a week job.

    Thanks for making people aware that there are lots of legitimate programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Steve

      You really nailed part of the problem there Wendy. Job seekers and opportunity seekers are two VERY different people.People who desperately need more income now are not going to buy these programs (unless they are fooled) so it does little good to target them.

      Cashema.com likes to spam popular YouTube video comment sections posing as someone who makes $100+ dollars per day. I’m looking for these things and I will continue to expose them for what they really are.

  8. Melanie Townsend

    Hello! First time to your site and first time hearing about cashema. I agree it does not sound like a good program. I do not need to be linked to survey taking sites and if you say Paid Media Social Jobs is a no go, then I will not look into that either. Thank you for the useful information! I have been forewarned.

    • Steve

      I would say proceed with caution on any of these programs and I wouldn’t really recommend any of them. The problem with Paid Media Social Jobs is that it isn’t a job at all. It’s more like affiliate marketing and social media should only play a small role in building a business of that type.

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