What Is Bludos.com?

You have probably seen people talking about all the money they are making with bludos.com on a YouTube video. At least, that is where I first heard about it. So, what is bludos.com exactly? Like many of the other sites spammed about in the YouTube comment sections, bludos.com is what is referred to as a “gateway” site to low quality work from home programs.


What Does Bludos.com Offer?

When bludos.com was first launched, they offered 4 different work at home type programs (none that even come close to my #1 recommendation) which were actually Clickbank products. They have eliminated 3 of the previous offers and now offer just 1 product. I’ll discuss the program that is now being promoted through bludos.com and show you a great alternative to this offer.

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Paid Surveys At Home

If you visit bludos.com you are taken to the landing page for Paid Surveys At Home which coincidentally is also available in the Clickbank marketplace. It is a professional looking page that makes it very easy to register. However, they don’t tell you upfront that you have to pay $37 to take surveys.


Now, if paying for this program gave you access to high paying surveys that you normally wouldn’t have access to, it wouldn’t be a bad investment. Unfortunately, that is not the case. They may be able to suggest some survey mailing list that you might not have found on your own, but they are not exclusive to people who purchase this program.


Also, will probably discover that the higher paying surveys involve higher ticket items. In other words, if you are not someone who frequently purchases expensive or high ticket items, you will often be disqualified from higher paying surveys.


Are Surveys Worth it?

It is possible to earn some money with surveys but not anywhere near the $20 per hour that some claim. There are a couple of free and reputable survey sites such as cashcrate or swagbucks. Don’t expect to earn job replacement type income with these sites. You can earn money or free gift cards, but you won’t get rich.


The 2 survey sites that I mentioned above also have referral programs meaning that you can earn extra money from the activities of any members that you personally refer to their site. If you spent enough time promoting these programs to others, then you could start to make some real money.


That is what is known as affiliate marketing which is how I make money online. It is my preferred method to work online. For the amount of time that you would have to dedicate to taking surveys, you could build your own online business which is much more lucrative. It may take longer to see results, but the difference in those results can be staggering!


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  1. Lis

    I have tried doing surveys before and you usually have to accumulate a certain amount of money before you even get paid.

    I have not heard of Bludos and would never dream of paying to take surveys, surely this defeats the object of making money online?


    • Steve

      That’s an excellent point Lis. You do usually need to hit some kind of threshold before you can get paid. I believe many people give up or move onto something else before triggering a payment which means someone else gets your money in the end! That’s why I’m such a proponent of building your own website. You can walk away from it for a while without losing anything. In fact, I often find that my site has money while I was sleeping 🙂


  2. Stephanie

    I like survey sites for pocket money, or to help cover monthly costs of legit income producing programs. But, they take so long to screen into, and it’s so frustrating when you answer questions for 15 minutes only to get booted out of the survey. There are definite perks, but the cons far outweigh the pros when it comes to long-term income that will allow you to fire your boss. Great review!

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