What Is Ambit Energy? – (Q&A WITH AN INSIDER)

Ambit Energy Is a Texas based power distribution company. In 2006, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless founded Ambit Energy to compete in the markets created by the deregulation of the energy markets. The purpose behind deregulation is to break up monopolies to create more competitive pricing and give customers more choices.


Ambit Energy was founded in Addison, Texas and by 2010, Inc Magazine named them the Fastest Growing Privately Held Company. I was a bit surprised to learn that since I had only recently heard of Ambit Energy. How can a company that is still largely “below the radar” become one of America’s fastest growing companies?


The Ambit Energy Business Model

Ambit Energy gains customers through sales consultant who are independent contractors. Rather than advertising, they rely on word of mouth and reward their consultants based on performance. Not only do their consultants earn residuals on the monthly bills of their customers, but you also have an opportunity to earn residuals based on the performance of any consultants whom you refer to the program.


In other words, this is a network marketing business model. I have written about some of these businesses in the past and treated many of them with derision, but Ambit is a bit different in my opinion.


With Ambit Energy, you are not pushing some new age, cure all potions or unnecessary services. We ALL use power everyday. If energy deregulation means possible lower energy costs for consumers and gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build a business, it seems pretty legit to me.


Thinking About Becoming An Ambit Energy Rep?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Cost of doing business (Initial and monthly fees)
  • Selling customers on Ambit Energy
  • Selling new reps on the business model


Start Up Fee  $75 (Down from $429!)

Monthly Fee     $24.95

The monthly maintenance fee gives you your own (cookie-cutter) website and back office access where you can review your stats.


Selling Customers On Ambit Energy

Most new Ambit energy reps can easily pick up a customer or two by talking with family or close friends about saving money on their monthly energy bills. Just make sure that understand exactly how Ambit’s billing cycles work and make sure your potential customers do as well.


There are many complaints online from former Ambit Energy customers who were shocked to receive higher than normal bills and in almost every case, it was due to a misunderstanding surrounding the contract renewal date.


Fixed Rates

Ambit Energy offers fixed rates with contracts of 1 year or longer. In most cases, Ambit can offer lower prices than what people were paying through their previous energy provider. However, if customers do not renew their contract by the deadline, they are automatically switched to the variable rate plan.


According to many online complaints, these variable rates can be significantly more expensive than what their previous provider would have charged. That is why it’s very important to read the fine print and pay close attention to that contract renewal date.


Selling The Ambit Energy Business Opportunity

Signing up a couple of customers is great but just like any other MLM, building a team of reps is where the real money is. If you have never been involved with network marketing before, this sounds pretty simple in theory right? I know it did to me when I first got involved with one back in the early 90’s.


Think about it; you sign up 5 or 6 reps who each sign up 5 or 6 reps of their own and so on. You only need to go 3 to 4 levels deep before you have hundreds of reps in your network! In theory, it should be simple. Unfortunately, you will quickly find out that it that simple at all. Not even close!


What I’ve learned is that 95% of people are so skeptical about this business model that they won’t even consider it. And, out the 5% who are interested, about 80% of them will never do anything with it. Finally, the few who do anything with it won’t stay with it for very long.


I don’t tell you this to discourage you. Rather, I want you to recognize that to become successful in this type of business, you are going to have to work much harder than you may think. Once you have gone through all of your family and closest friends, you will need to learn how to make new friends quickly.


The most successful people I’ve ever met in the MLM industry all said they exposed the business plan to new people no fewer than 15 times per month. That doesn’t mean that you need to find 15 new people to expose the business to yourself. Showing the business plan to friends of your personal reps also counts.


My point is, you need to show the business plan 15 times per month and duplicate yourself. In other words, you need a team of reps who will also show the plan 15 times per month and duplicate themselves as well. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to build a team of people who can handle rejection on a consistent basis and still be excited about sharing it 15+ times per month.


Q&A With An Insider

Are you an Ambit Energy rep? If so, would you be willing to participate in an email Q&A session to be published here, on this website?

Just leave a comment below and I will be in touch with you. If I chose to publish your Q&A session, I will also provide a link to your Ambit Energy website!





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