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A Look At Success System Revealed


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What Is Success System Revealed All About?


If you visit the Success System Revealed website, you will find a simple, one page industry standard sales copy page. You are told that you can achieve financial independence working from home 1 – 4 hours per day 4 – 5 days a week.

You are not told anything about how you will accomplish that, but you are promised training tools and support after you join. There seems to be a growing trend with multi-level marketers creating one page sites to use as lead capture sites and that’s exactly what Success System Revealed is.


I don’t know exactly what they will call you about if you give them your phone number but I am NOT going to give them my phone number to find out. Especially after reading this section of their Privacy Policy:


So, you have to take it upon your self to contact them and ask them NOT to sell your information!

What’s Next?


If you do decide to give them enough information to advance, you will be taken to a site called Be The Boss Network. This site is basically an MLM banner farm. Many MLM companies are now paying commissions to affiliates who send new recruits their way even if the referring site is not operated by a distributor for that MLM.


Be The Boss Network has a large directory of MLM’s. Some of the MLM’s in their directory have been around for many years. A few of them would be considered reputable by most standards but some of them are awful. One being Empower Network which I have written about in the past. They also link to Motor Club Of American which you can read about here.


I failed in several MLM’s, but THIS actually worked!


Are MLM’s right for you?


If you have never built an MLM business before, you have no idea how difficult in can be. I know people make it sound easy online but it is FAR from easy. I have met people who were very successful with this type of business and they all have several things in common.


  • They eat, sleep and breath their business
  • They are fanatical about their products
  • They are incredibly charismatic
  • They can sell anything to almost anyone
  • And most importantly, they got in on the ground floor!


I remember when there were only a handful of MLM’s out there before the internet was open to the public. Today, there are hundreds of them! If you understand what needs to happen in order for you to make any real money in an MLM, you would know that it is impossible for all of these MLM’s to survive for very long. MLM’s rely on new people being recruited at an accelerated rate and there are only so many new people to go around.


This is one of the reasons I left the MLM industry behind to pursue opportunities in affiliate marketing. It is still a fairly new industry with plenty of room to grow. I don’t have to chase customers, I don’t have to be a great salesman, I don’t have to deal with any of the pitfalls within the MLM industry.


I have met quite a few people who have left MLM’s behind to learn affiliate marketing, but I don’t know any affiliate marketers who are leaving to pursue MLM’s.








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  1. Matt's Mom

    You are exactly right on with what you said about those who are successful at MLM. And I also think they are few and far between. I have tried MLM and it is WAY to hard. As you say, unless you totally love the product, were born a salesperson, and can sell anything to anyone, MLM is not going to work. Never did for me.

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