Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

What’s Wealthy Affiliate Really Like?  

My Wealthy Affiliate Review


WA picName: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: $0 To Start
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100


There are tons of glowing reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, and there is a reason for that, but what is Wealthy Affiliate REALLY like? Well, first off,  there isn’t anything to compare it to. There simply isn’t anything like Wealthy Affiliate out there. The training and support are second to none, and the friendships I’ve developed was something I never expected. You don’t simply become a member of a website, you become a member of a family.


How I Discovered Wealthy Affiliate


I had been hearing about Wealthy Affiliate for years through several email subscriptions I belonged to. I didn’t pay much attention to them thinking this was just another “flavor of the month” kind of thing. But Wealthy Affiliate promotions never went away. I began to wonder why people who had successful internet businesses would continue with their memberships even after they became successful. To me that seemed like enough of a reason to look a little more closely at what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer.


Wealthy Affiliate Offers Free Starter Memberships


When I got the email announcing that Wealthy Affiliate was offering free membership, I knew it was time to check it out. I literally had nothing to lose now. Within 48 hours I knew I had found what I was looking for and became a premium member. It was the best decision I ever made when it came to learning online business.


communityThe Wealthy Affiliate Community


Within 2 minutes of being inside Wealthy Affiliate I had a question. I typed it into live chat and got an answer immediately! That never happens! Then, other members began following me and offering to help anyway they could. These people have nothing to gain by helping me, yet they still offered.


That is how the community works at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like having 1,000 people cheering you on and offering to help you reach your goals. I’m telling you, that doesn’t exist anywhere else! Kyle & Carson (the owners) are on the site interacting with us daily. They don’t just talk the talk, they are in the trenched with us.


The Wealthy Affiliate Training


Wealthy Affiliate offers the most comprehensive training you find for building an internet business period! The lessons are broken down into simple tasks using images and video training. At the bottom of each lesson you can post questions and see questions and answers that have been posted by other members.


This is one of the features that makes the Wealthy Affiliate training unique to this industry. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see at least half a dozen new members talk about how impressed they are with the quality of the training and helpfulness of the community. And these are mostly people who have tried many of the other “make money online programs”.


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just overload you with with a bunch of techniques and send you off to figure it out on your own. It is task based training that teaches you exactly what to do and when to do it. Each lesson has a checklist to highlight the most important aspects of the lesson.


tasksYou don’t have to sit at your computer, staring at the screen wondering what you should be doing next. You can simply look at your checklist and know exactly what you need to be working on!


Wealthy Affiliate Support


I have already mentioned the community which is an incredible support system on its own, but there is also outstanding support at a company level. I have had personal interactions with both owners Kyle and Carson and I’ve received help from their staff with hosting issues.


Wealthy Affiliate also provides state of the art hosting on unlimited domain names for premium members at no extra charge. I have never had any issues with the hosting service itself. Password issues mostly. If you forget your password, they will get you back into your site in a very reasonable amount of time. Have you ever tried to recover a lost password from WordPress? Good luck!!!


 This Wealthy Affiliate Member Went From $0 To $10k Per Month!


Pros and Cons




  • $0 To Start
  • Awesome Training
  • FREE Weekly Webinars (Referred to as WAbinars)
  • Tons Of Video Tutorials
  • Tons Of Training Articles
  • The Community
  • Owners Who Care About YOUR Success
  • No Up-sells! (Premium membership grants you access to every training and all future training)




  • Because of the interactive nature of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s easy to get distracted at times with all of the new information being posted every minute. When you are first starting out, it’s best to focus on the tasks within your lessons and ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Sometimes, there are new members who are more concerned with their WA rank than building their businesses. They will spend most of their time advising new members and giving some bad advise.


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?


Wealthy Affiliate is for anybody who is willing to do the work that is necessary to build a successful business. As I said earlier, the training is second to none, but YOU have to do the work. It doesn’t mater if you’re a complete newbie to internet marketing or if you’ve been tinkering with it for years. If you want to build a successful online business and haven’t figured out how to do so yet, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.


If you decide to join as a free member and you don’t want to upgrade to premium, you will still have access to some of the training modules and you will have 2 free websites to work with. If you decide to upgrade within 7 days there are bonuses available.





Bonus: If you upgrade to premium within 7 days, you will get 59% off your first month’s premium. That’s only $19! PLUS 2 additional bonuses.

Special Limited Time Bonus: I will be offering a special bonus for a very limited time. This is not a download that is available to just anyone. This bonus will be custom designed for YOUR business only!

If you have tried other “make money online” programs in the past, I think you will be truly amazed at what see you inside Wealthy Affiliate.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.comWA chart
Price: $0 To Start
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100