Total Take Over MLM


The Total Take Over! Cool name for a product don’t you think? I found it interesting enough to check it out and write a review on The Total Take Over MLM business model. Network marketing or (MLM) businesses have always had two ways of developing income streams:


  1. Selling products or services
  2. Recruiting others to do the same


In The Total Take Over review I will get into the numbers and methods of creating these income streams.


Selling Services


In the video on their sales page they show you a nifty little piece of software designed to teach you the art of arbitrage. Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets.

tt screen


On the left, there is a Fiverrlist Tool where you can enter a keyword. In this example they are using “logo design”. The software then automatically fetches a list of people willing to design a logo for $5. On the right, you can search Craigslist in any city you chose for people looking to hire a logo designer.


If a company is willing to pay $100 to have a logo designed and they are willing to hire you for the job, you can then simply farm it out to a Fiverr and pocket $95 bucks in the process. This is a great deal in theory but I am skeptical. Why?


There are only 2 conclusions I can come to. First, either these two huge groups of people are completely unaware of the others existence or they are perfectly aware of each other and there is a reason they don’t do business.


I have no opinion either way about it but, if you want to try something like this, why not give it whirl on your own and save yourself the $50 per month fee?




Here’s another piece of software doing the same basic thing as the first one. With this software, you can find business pages on Facebook and offer them services that you can once again, farm out to a Fiverr. I find this to be a bit spammy and I don’t think a lot of business owners would appreciate this. I could be wrong of course.


They also teach you how to do affiliate marketing by becoming an affiliate with companies such as Walmart, and posting their products directly onto ebay. I don’t know about you, but when i go to ebay, I am NOT looking for items that I could buy at a Walmart store.


The MLM Part Of  The Total Takeover


Some of the network marketing stalwarts like Amway were so lucrative for so many because you earned a piece of every dollar generated by your downline no mater how many times removed they were. Over the years, many new companies started scaling back potential payouts and limiting the number of tiers you could earn money from. Today many companies have a simple 2 tier payout. The Total Take Over is one of them.


Unlike traditional MLM’s who calculated bonuses based on sales, The Total Take Over simply collects monthly membership fees from one member and hands them over to their sponsor or their sponsor’s sponsor. Let me explain.


Let’s say you become a member and you refer a new member. You collect that $50 monthly fee from the member you referred. Then you refer a second member who’s monthly fee goes to your sponsor. You collect the third while your sponsor collects the forth and so on. I have to say, these compensation plans just keep getting more and more interesting.


Like I said before, I have no opinion about this one way or the other. If you think this might be your cup of tea, give it a shot. Who knows? Personally, I think I’ll pass.


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