Power 3 Marketing Review

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Power 3 Marketing Review 


Local businesses have a huge need for people with internet marketing skills and many of them still don’t get it. Some business owners are still paying thousands of dollars per year or per month in some cases for a Yellow Page’s add and it is not getting them the results they need. Think about it. When was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages for a local business? 86% of people are now using Google to find local businesses and most of them don’t have a clue how to get their businesses found there. They are desperate to find someone who can!


What Is Power 3 Marketing All About?


Power 3 Marketing is a membership site with tons and tons of training video’s to teach you how to become that person. Trying to convince a local business owner that they need your services and that you are the person for the job can be a pain. This is where the power of Power 3 Marketing comes in. They show you how to build a site based on search terms people are using to find certain types of businesses and they teach you how to get that site ranked on the first page of Google quickly.


Finding Clients


It is much easier to approach a potential client once you already have something they need. At that point the decision is no longer weather they should hire you or not. The decision becomes weather or not they want to be on the first page of Google! Every local business has some competition and if 1 businesses owner doesn’t see the value in what you’re offering, another one surely will.


My Experience With Power 3 Marketing


I already had some interest in the local marketing business and when I learned that Jennifer “Potpiegirl” Ledbetter had co-authored a course, I had to check it out. Jennifer has a stellar reputation in the business and doesn’t associate her name with anything that isn’t top notch. Power 3 Marketing is no exception.


When you sign up for the FREE basic level training you will find 23 video’s covering several topics such as:


  • What A P3 Business Is
  • What Kind Of Money Is Being Made
  • Learning Resources
  • Affiliate Marketing vs P3
  • The Bottom Line


When I saw the quality of the free content (which Potiegirl is known for) I figured the paid membership must be really good. I was not disappointed! The video tutorials are done by co-author David Bocock and they are very easy to follow. David is an excellent teacher who’s instructions are extremely thorough. If you follow them to a T, you almost can’t fail.


My Results


By following the Power 3 Marketing video’s I had a site up in about 3 days. We’re talking about a 4 page site here, nothing big. I built 1 squidoo lens and linked it to my site. Then I submitted my site to Jennifer’s secret indexing source and let it simmer.


After about a week, one of my pages was on page 4 of Google. The next week I had pages on pages 2 and 3 of Google. The next week, I had the top spot on the first page. I was blown away! I couldn’t believe I had a site on the first page of Google with so little work! I’m telling you, just follow the video’s and this thing works.




If you want to start your own business by providing a desperately needed service to local businesses and make a great income, this might be the way to go. If you want to see what kind of money is being made in this business, check out the video in the FREE basic member section


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