Is Warrior Forum Legit?

Is Warrior Forum Legit? – What’s The Warrior Forum All About?


war2The Warrior Forum is a forum designed specifically for internet marketers. There are two two types of people in this forum:

1. People who create products for the internet marketing niche

2. People who habitually buy internet marketing products.


If you’ve spent any time reading posts on the Warrior Forum, you’ve probably noticed a few recurring patterns. About a half a dozen glowing reviews followed by people asking questions and finally, people warning others not to waste their money.


So, who do you trust? How can you sort all of this out? Are the negative reviewers just sour grapes? Are the people giving good reviews affiliates for this product? Here’s what I’ve learned…..


How The Warrior Forum Really Works


The Warrior Forum is a business and the #1 rule in business is to make money. I’m sure you already knew that. So what is their business? The Warrior Forum is a platform that allows internet marketers to promote their latest products. They also allow marketers to place banner ads in the Warrior Forum for a fee. To buy banner ads or promote your products, you must have access to the War Room. There is a 1 time fee of $37 to be a member.


The Warrior forum is also in the email marketing business. For a fee, you can have your products promoted to people on their mailing list. If you have ever ordered a product through the Warrior Forum, you are on their mailing list and they will mail you offers every single day. Sometimes twice in one day.


Are The Products Promoted On The Warrior Forum Legit?


So, getting back to sorting the mixed reviews. The thing is, people agree ahead of time to write favorable reviews in exchange for getting a free copy of the product. You really have no way of knowing how well that particular product worked for them. It could be a total piece of garbage but hey, the review has already been written.


Does that mean they’re all garbage? No. But I would say the majority of the products promoted there are! I don’t blame the people who run the Warrior Forum. It’s not their job to check the legitimacy of the products that are promoted there. They are there to offer a platform for marketers to sell their own products and they are good at what they do.


If you’d like to stop weeding through all of the garbage out there and learn to build a legitimate online business, you can read my #1 recommendation here.