Infinity Downline Review




Infinity Downline Review

Name: Infinity Downline


Price: $25 per month

Owners: Peter Wolfing

Overall Rank: 5 out of 10


Welcome to my Infinity Downline Review. In this review I am going to show you exactly how this business works and what you should or should not expect as a member of Infinity Dowline.


What Is Infinity Downline?


The word “downline” has become synonymous with MLM’s (multi-level marketing) and some MLM’s have become synonymous with Ponzi schemes. Infinity Downline is a breed I haven’t seen before. It’s a 2 tier Ponzi scheme. With a good MLM company your earning potential is only limited by the size of the downline you can build and the sales activity within that downline. With infinity Downline there IS no real downline and no sales. The fees paid by new members is used to pay the existing members. The classic definition of a Ponzi scheme.


The Theory Of Infinite Downlines


A good MLM will allow you to scale your earnings by paying you based on the TOTAL sales volume created by your dowline. Since they don’t cap your earnings at a certain level, your income potential is, in a sense, unlimited.
Here’s an example:




In this example you have 9 people in your downline and a legitimate MLM company will pay you a percentage of the total sales volume created by this “leg”. If your earnings are not capped regardless of the size of your downline, there is a lot of incentive for you to help them grow.


At the same time. your “upline” has the same incentive to help you and them grow.There is no limit to how many of these “legs” you can build so you can probably imagine the ENORMOUS income potential with this kind of business structure. While the concept is pretty simple to grasp, putting a business like this together is so difficult that 95% of the people who join, never even recruit a single person!


Infinity Downline Compensation


Infinity Downline offers an interesting pay structure. One I haven’t seen before. Here’s how the money is distributed throughout an organization:
Let’s say you get in and pay your $25 monthly membership fee. That fee is paid directly to your sponsor (the person who referred you to the program). Now, let’s say you refer 4 people who also pay $25 per month. The fee’s paid by your first 2 referrals goes directly to your sponsor and you collect the fee’s from the second 2 referrals. This means that if you bring in 6 new members, your sponsor collects 4 of those monthly fee’s and you collect the next 2 and so on.


This works the same way for your downline or payline as they call it. So, if your referrals bring in new members, you collect $50 for every $100 generated. This is only a 2 tier pay structure. No mater how deep the organization runs, you only collect on the money generated by your referrals first tier.




Infinity Downline is relatively inexpensive to join and $25 per month is not a lot to invest in your own business. It’s also a very simple business model. You refer new members and earn a commission from their $25 monthly investment. If you continue to expand you personal referrals, and thet continue to pay their monthly membership fees, you will continue to make more money.




Because of the limited 2 tier payout, there isn’t much incentive to help your downline and you should not expect much support from your upline. The community support that is so important for buildning a dowline just doesn’t exist with Infinity Downline.


Infinity Downline Training


The strength of any MLM is usually proportional to the amount of support and the quality of the training for members. Building a profitable MLM business requires leadership abilities and a good MLM will focus on training leaders. When your success adds to the success of your upline, they have a vested interest in your business and the businesses of everyone in your downline. Infinity Downline has no such support system because your upline has no vested interest in helping you grow.


Promoting Infinity Downline  


You do not have to have your own website to promote Infinity Downline however, I think it would greatly improve your chances of making sales. Otherwise, you will probably be stuck with a cookie-cutter site that looks exactly like ever other free site being used by other members.


Infinity Downline Support


Infinity Downline has a support forum with articles covering FAQ’s. If you don’t see your question listed, you can submit a support ticket.


Is Infinity Downline A Scam?


I’m not sure I would call Infinity Downline a scam. They are pretty strait forward about how money is made so you know what it is you’re getting into. Will it work as good as they claim it will? I have my doubts there.

Is it a good, long term sustainable business model? I would say definitely not.

Infinity Downline is one of those fads that will probably grow for a few more years until it hits the natural barriers that most of them do (there are only so many people to go around) and a few people will no doubt make some money but I can hardly see this as a solid long-term business.



Name: Infinity Downline


Price: $25 per month

Owners: Peter Wolfing

Overall Rank: 5 out of 10



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