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Income revolutionWelcome to my Income Revolution review. I first heard about Income Revolution on the radio recently and I wanted to learn more about this Income Revolution-Sean Hannity connection. There was a bit of confusion while I was researching as there seems to be more than 1 “opportunity” using that name. (1 in the U.S. and another in the U.K.) For this review I am writing about the Income Revolution Sean Hannity endorses on his radio show.


What Is This Income Revolution?


There is very little information about this opportunity on the home page except that you will be a Brand Partner for Nutrie. I had contemplated filling out the form just to see what information I could get but I don’t want these people having my phone number. I don’t need a pushy sales person calling me just so I can learn more about their offer. What’s even worse, they want you to authorize them to send you text messages which could result in charges on your phone bill! Instead, I decided to look into what people where saying about Nutrie and try to learn more about the compensation plan they are offering their distributors.


As I suspected, this is yet another MLM pushing grossly over-priced drinks hoping to cash in on America’s health craze. Most of the reviews you’ll find are written by Nutrie distributors talking about what a great opportunity it is. No surprise there. Finding the compensation plan took quite a bit of digging. To be honest with you, I couldn’t really make sense of it so I posted this link Nutrie Compensation Plan


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As I was saying, you are selling over-priced products in the health industry and your potential earnings are directly tied to your ability to sell these products and recruit others to do the same. These products are not clinically tested and have no REAL proven health benefits and of course, results are not typical. That doesn’t seem to be a huge concern to many people who have jumped on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. People seem content to believe they are making healthy choices rather than take the time to learn what actually is healthy.


I was a bit surprised that a company who uses a MLM model for distributing their products would advertise on the radio. One of the aspects of MLM’s that made them so enticing was the fact that products could only be bought through distributors and new distributors had to be sponsored into the business. Because this business model relied on “word of mouth” the people who worked the hardest could gain a respectable percentage of the market share. By advertising on the radio and allowing people to join directly through a website is to shoot your own distributors in the foot.


If you’re considering joining an MLM, find one who doesn’t use marketing methods that will undermine your efforts. Also beware of anyone who wants personal information before they explain their compensation plan. I would definitely steer clear of Income Revolution.


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