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If you have read any of my product reviews, you may have noticed that my style can be a bit unorthodox. Rather than just just “spinning” the information that can be found on their sales pages, I examine their claims with a fine tooth comb. Exposing over-exaggerated claims and and translating slimy salesman lingo designed to separate you from your hard earned cash!


Here are a few example of this lingo:


  1. Hands off (or) Automated systems
  2. Loopholes
  3. Screenshots of the money you can make


This is what they REALLY mean:


  1. Lot’s of work I didn’t tell you about before you got in
  2. Black-hat methods that may kill your chances for success
  3. This is the money I made because people like you buy my product


This index will continue to grow over time and I will probably write many more bad reviews than good. Why would I spend so much time and effort writing reviews about products that I would not recommend? Because I don’t want you to have spend years figuring this stuff out on your own like I did. Now that I am in a position to do so, I am writing the kind of reviews that I wished I could have found before wasting so much time and money.


I will write a good review from time to time as well but again, not by spinning existing content. I won’t just tell you that something is worth your time and effort, buy explain why it is.


That being said………


The Good


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The NOT So Good


My Home Income System

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Infinity Downline Review









Income Revolution Review

Due to FALSE copy-write infringement

accusations, I have removed all photo’s

of and links to their actual site



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The Total Take Over










The Warrior Forum












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What Is










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