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Online Home Based Business IdeasIf you have recently gone searching through the available online home based business ideas you may have noticed that you find some pretty extensive lists. The funny thing is, many of them can not be done online!

I know that these are supposed to be helpful and there are some great suggestions, but I wanted to find ONLINE business ideas.


If you are in the same boat, you’ll be happy to know that I have compiled a small list of home based business ideas that you can actaully do ONLINE.

The only acception is the customer service jobs section. But, at least it can be done at home and online.


I understand that some people want the luxury of working from home but don’t want to buld a business from scratch. Some people need to be paid quickly and if that applies to you, a customer service job maybe what you need. While it’s not exactly business ownership, at least you can work from home and it’s real work for real pay.

Customer Service Jobs


Thanks to technology, many jobs that used to require commuting and sitting in a cubicle all day can now be done from your home.

These jobs typically pay between $8 to $15 per hour depending on your skills and some may pay even more and provide health benefits!

In most cases there are certain requirements that must be met and you will need the proper equipment obviously.

Besides having a computer with a fast internet connection, you will need a headset and possibly a landline. Remember those?

You may also need to dedicate a room as a work space where you will not be interrupted.

Background checks are usually required as well and you are expected to pay for them.

You can find a list of companies hiring home workers here.


Earn Money With Your Skills


If you like business books, The Millionaire Maker by Loral Langemeier is a must read! In this book, Loral goes through several case studies where she takes people from financial disaster to millionaire.

The one constant in every case study is that she makes her students create a business around skills they have already aquired. You may be thinking “Easier said than done”. I get that, but if you have a marketable skill that others may want to learn, why not create a course and sell it online?


How do you do that?


With Udemy


Udemy gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their skills available to the world through downloadable courses. There are 15 categories and many have over a dozen subcategories so there is an opportunity for almost everyone to teach a skill and earn money.


Udemy offers a course creation roadmap so you will learn exactly what you need to know when creating your course.


Udemy even offers courses on creating Udemy courses!




ebay may seem a bit “old school” but it is still the largest auction website in the world and people are still making a great living selling on ebay. There are a few different business models which you can use to build an ebay  business.


Some people just seem to be naturally good at spotting bargains. If you’re good at finding great deals on items at yard sales, flea markets or even pawn shops, you could probably do fairly well on ebay. Especially with items that are in low supply.


The only problem with this model is that you have to constantly be on the look out for more items to sell. It’s almost impossible to scale a business when you don’t have a steady supply of certain types of products. You will probably also experience wild swings in your income from one month to the next.


Selling in volume

Power sellers often have a steady supply of product that they can sell over and over again. Some of the products may be cheap and have low profit margins but they make up for it in volume. The guy in the video below shows you how he turned a dime into over $100,000 using ebay!



Getting Started With ebay

If you have never done business on ebay (even as a buyer) you will want to start off as buyer. I think I bought 10 items on ebay before I sold anything. They were inexpensive items and I wanted to build some feedback before I attempted to sell anything.


Feedback is your reputation within ebay and you want to keep it as close to 100% as possible.


You will probably also want to start out selling cheap items. New sellers don’t usually get as many bids as the sellers who have already built their reputations.


Become A Drop Shipper

As a drop shipper, you sell products, collect the money, then buy those items for a lower price. The manufacturers of those products then ship the purchased items to your custiomer. You are basically a middle person with an internet store.


The profit margins are typically pretty low in the dropshipping business due to the fact that so many people work with the same manufacturers and offer the same products. However, you can offer 100s of products with one website and you can still make good money on volume alone.


YouTube Video Creator

There’s no denying the enormous popularity of video in our culture. Anyone with a smart phone can now shoot and upload videos to YouTube and some people have learned how to cash in. BIG!

Some of the most successful YouTube creators started their channels for fun and now earn in excessof $1 miilion per year! Like the woman in the video below.



That’s all she does is show and talk about toys. She doesn’t even have to sell anything. The advertising revenues alone make her a fortune!


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite type of home based business. I’ve made more money with affiliate marketing than I ever did selling items on ebay and with a LOT less work!


Affiliate marketing has all of the advantages of drop shipping and then some.


For example

Let’s say someone visits your drop shipping store and the item they want is out of stock. You might lose a sale if you have nothing else that interests them.


But, if you are an amazon affiliate, you will earn a commission from every item purchased during that session and people often buy multiple items in a single visit to amazon. Even if the item they wanted is out of stock, they are more likely to look for alternatives with so many products available.


Affilate marketing is the most flexible business model and gives you the most freedom. You will learn a wider range of skills that will allow you to take advantage of more opportunities.


Want to learn more about affiliate marketing?


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What’s missing? Are there any other home based business ideas that should be on this list? I do plan on expanding it over time as I discover more and would love to hear your input in the comment section.




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