Make Money By Giving Away Free ebooks

If you’re able to think creatively, there are a few ways you can make money by giving away free ebooks. Internet marketers figured this out pretty quickly and have been using them to make money for years. There are over 4 million bloggers out there with email subscribers and many of them built those email lists by giving away ebooks.

Why Give Away Free ebooks?


  • If you want to become recognized as an expert in your field. ebooks are a great way to gain exposure. Ebook authors have often been able to sell their ebooks after giving their first one away.
  • It’s easy to place hyper links in an ebook so giving them away can still lead to affiliate sales.
  • The most popular reason to give away ebooks is to build your subscriber list. I still receive emails from marketers from whom I have downloaded free ebooks years ago. I have even bought products due to their recommendations which meant affiliate commissions for them.
  • If your ebook is well written, other marketers may be willing to make it available to their lists which could lead to more traffic to your website.

So, you must have a website with lots of visitors to make this work?


Normally that would be the case but, there are exceptions.


For example, I know of an internet marketer who writes short ebooks to help people solve 1 particular problem. Within that ebook, he posts links to affiliate products that the readers may be interested in.

Then, he would list his ebooks if free ebook directories. Maybe 3 or 4 directories at a time. After a week or 2, he would then list them in 3 or 4 more.


This is not a long term income strategy. But It can be an easy way to make a few thousand dollars and it’s not bad pay for a weeks work.


ebook Give Away Strategies


If your goal is to build a subscriber list, most autoresponders will allow you to create custom campaigns that will fit in a sidebar widget. This is one of the most popular ways to offer a free ebook or mini-course in exchange for an email address.


If you want to post your ebook in directories, there are a couple of good lists in this thread at Warrior Forum.


One of the things I like about this strategy is that you aren’t confined to one particular niche. If you’re good at doing research, you can probably find a lot of under served markets in many different genres. If you can help solve a problem that nobody else is talking about, you are more likely to make affiliate sales with this method.


Writing Vs PLR ebooks


PLR (Private Lable Rights) ebooks are pre-written ebooks that are free to download and give away to your own list or relist in ebook directories. If you decide to go with PLR content, you will probably want to partially rewrite it. The quality of the content is often not great but hey…… get what you pay for right?


Personally, I would recommend writing your own ebook. This way you can connect with your audience in your own words and you won’t be sharing content that has already been shared by other people. The ebooks I’m talking about are not exactly novels. Usually around 25 pages which doesn’t take very long to write. Ebooks have large font so it doesn’t take too many words to fill a page.


Ebook Creation Software


Apache Open Office is the most recommended format to use for writing ebooks and for good reason. It’s free! It also makes it easy to convert you ebook to a PDF file which is universally recognized by all reading devises.


How To Create An ebook Cover


People cannot help but judge a book by its cover. That’s why you want a good looking ebook cover to entice clicks and downloads. If you don’t want to pay to have one created, there are websites out there to help you create your own for free.

Snappa is one example.

create free ebook covers

Leverage Your Time With ebooks


Almost every successful business owner understands the power of leverage. Ebooks can be an amazing form of leverage. You only have to write it one time and it can continue to build your list year after year. How many tasks do you know of that you can do one time and get paid over and over?


Do you have experience giving away ebooks? How has it worked out for you? I’d love to see your thoughts in the comment section below.

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