Is The Law Of Attraction Scientific?

Several “New Age” guru’s are using the extremely complicated concepts of quantum mechanics and trying to tie them to this Law Of Attraction. But, is the Law Of Attraction scientific or more philosophical? While I do believe that some of the principals taught in the Law Of Attraction may have (limited) practical applications, many of the claims appear to be pure fantasy.


Good Vibrations


In part, the Law Of Attraction is based on the notion that our brains send out “vibrating energy” of some kind. The idea is that there are two opposing energy pools that permeate the entire universe (positive & negative) just waiting to be tapped into. If you focus on positive things, you can tap into the positive energy pool thus yielding positive results in your life.


Now, since the proponents of these idea’s like to use scientific jargon to make their case, I have to assume that they are using the scientific definition of “energy”. There is no doubt that energy does in fact permeate the entire Universe. Our Universe runs on energy. However, energy is entirely neutral. Energy itself is not positive or negative. It just is. It does not and cannot know or care what we think.

Energy is constantly being transformed from one type to another and physicist know how to calculate exactly how that energy is disbursed. Interestingly, there is no devise that can measure how the electromagnetic energy created in the brain can effect anything outside of it. When you point this out to a proponent of the Law Of Attraction, they simply appeal to the unexplained phenomena found in “quantum weirdness”.


This is an easy way of inoculating your hypotheses from your critics. While physicists freely admit that there are still many unknowns in quantum mechanics, the default position is to withhold judgement until there is enough evidence to come to a certain conclusion. You cannot simply use unknowns as an excuse to make assertions about what “feels” good to you.


Like Attracts Like?


This is one of the tenets of the Law Of Attraction. If you are releasing positive vibes out into the Universe, you can tap into the positive energy and bring positive results as I mentioned earlier. Let’s look at the simplest definition of “energy”. Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work.


Any of the energy being transformed while performing work is done through particle interactions at the molecular or atomic level. Particles can either carry a positive or negative charge. At this level, opposites attract. Like does not attract like, it repels it! Anyone can demonstrate this with two magnets.


If your brain is sending out positive electromagnetic waves (which has never been proven) it is only going to repel other positive electromagnetic waves. In other words, exactly the opposite of what is claimed by the Law Of Attraction!


If you are a positive person who typically associates with positive people, you are more likely to experience positive things in your life. There is nothing magical or mysterious about this. It’s basic human behavior, not physical law.


Why Is It Called The “Law” Of Attraction? 


New Age guru’s who peddle information products to the followers and believers use the word “law” to make it sound real. It’s an attempt to give it equal footing with things like the law of gravity and the laws of motion etc. Since most people don’t really understand the other laws, it’s easy enough to fool them with that label.


There are very well understood physical laws that have attracting properties to them however, none of them include laws that will bring more money and happiness to your life. That requires positive action. Thinking about it or wishing it so won’t make it so. For example, I could sit here all day long and picture everyone who reads this article sharing it on Facebook. It doesn’t mean any of you will 🙂


What Is The Law Of Attraction Good For?


I mentioned at the beginning of this article that there are practical applications for the Law Of Attraction. It’s based on the placebo effect rather than physical law but placebos can be useful. In this case, the Law Of Attraction can act like a sugar pill for the brain.


Allow me to elaborate. Suppose you were single and I convinced you that I was real psychic. (I know they’re frauds, just hear me out). Now, suppose I told you that you would meet the love of your life in the next 12 months and you believed me wholeheartedly.

How differently would you start to think about certain things? Would you maybe start taking better care of yourself? Dress a little differently? Be more confident in social situations?


Those changes may be exactly what’s required for that scenario and your beliefs can bring about the changes required to make it a reality. You are conditioning your mind to expect a certain outcome which changes your actions.


In other words, the formula works like this: Positive thoughts can lead to positive actions which can lead to positive results. The Law Of Attraction suggests a shortcut by omitting the “positive action” part of the equation. I understand why they do it. Having to work for what you want isn’t always a pleasant thought.


The fact is, if you want to achieve something great in your life, you need more than positive visualization and daily affirmation. Massive results requires massive action!


Any thoughts or opinions on my assessment of the Law Of Attraction? I’d love to read them. Just leave them in the comment box below and I will respond.






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