Is Site Build It A Scam? – Review From An SBI Owner

Is Site Build It a scam?


Considering how long Site Build It has been in business (Since 1997) and the number of happy customers they have, I would have to say definitely not.

Do I think it offers the most “bang for your buck?” No.

Do I think there are better alternatives? Definitely!

But, I want to start off by talking about what you get with Site Build It! along with my personal experience as an ex-Site Build It owner.

is site build it a scamProduct: Site Build It!
Owner:    Ken Evoy
Price:      $299 per year PER WEBSITE / Some Up-Sells
Rank:      5 out of 10


What Is Site Build It?

Site Build It is a website building course that teaches you to turn your hobbies or interests into a thriving online business. Your purchase includes:


  • 1 Premium Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Content Management System
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Tools
  • Forum For FAQ’s


What I Like


Content Management

One of the things I like about Site Build It is the ease of use with the content management system they provide. Many newbies have a tough time figuring out the proper way to structure their websites for user friendliness and SEO. Site Build It allows you to create content for Tier 1, Tier 2 and so on. It makes it extremely easy to build a “silo” structure which is usually pretty effective for SEO purposes.


They also make it easy to build internal links from one page to another. For example; Tier 3 pages will link up to Tier 2 pages and so on. This creates the silo structure and internal links are almost always good for SEO.


SBI Now Has A WordPress Version

WordPress is a popular content management system (I use it myself) and SBI has decided to stop fighting the tide and offer a WordPress alternative. This program is a bit more affordable at $149 per year. I suppose it’s cheaper because the owner of SBI has always viewed WordPress as inferior to his own CMS.


90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Site Build It! does offer a 90 day money back guarantee which is quite generous for this industry.



Site Build It does have a very active forum so you can usually find the answers to FAQ’s or you can post a question of your own if you can’t find the answer. If you post a question that has already been answered within the forum, you may catch a little hell for it. I also found that many members will talk down to others for asking certain question.

I’m not saying ALL people there are rude or that everybody will have that experience. That is a personal observation.

Also, if you find that you are stuck and cannot move forward until you have an answer, you may be stuck for several days. People are not in a rush to answer newbie questions.


What I Don’t Like

Aside from the mediocre support I experienced in the forum, there are a few other things about Site Build It that I really don’t like.


Content Management

While their content management system makes it easy to build a great looking site, they own that system. You cannot simply move your site to another host. Sure, you can copy and paste all of your content one page at a time on another CMS but it would be quite a headache. It’s much better to build a WordPress site which can be easily moved between hosts. Just my opinion there.


$299 Per Year PER SITE!

This is where Site Build It becomes expensive. Let’s talk about the cost of building a site.

Domain name: $12 per year (give or take)

Hosting:             $100 per year (dido)

$299 – $112 = $187

So, you are basically paying for support, tools and training. Is $187 per year for support, tools and training worth the price? If you are profitable, absolutely! Should you pay for tools and training for every single site you build? Of course not! I don’t know how they justify charging full price for every single website.



The Brainstorm It! tool, the one you use for keyword research, is based on bad data! Not to mention that it is confusing and hard to use. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.


The criteria used for finding keyword phrases is 30,000 monthly searches and 200,000 or less competition. These numbers are obtained from extremely broad searches and not at all accurate in my opinion.


Who Cares About My “Opinion“?


Well, I have learned to rank on the first page of Google for dozens of variations of dozens of different keywords from a single website. I know what keyword phrases rank and how to get them ranked, and my criteria is nothing like what SBI uses.


In fact, I have a video that shows you exactly how to find your true competition in Google.



The Bottom Line


In a nutshell, after a year as an SBI owner, I had no more experience as a business owner than before I bought in. I didn’t learn how to properly do keyword research, drive traffic to my site or convert that traffic. All I had to show was a good looking website that generated no revenue and no clue how to improve my situation.


Since that time, I have learned a lot and was finally able to improve my situation once I discovered my #1 recommendation. Here is a quick comparison chart. Click the chart to see my full review.


Read more from ex-Site Build It owners

Why Do I Rate SBI 5 Out Of 10?


Although private coaching is available, you’ll have to pay extra for it. Wealthy Affiliate does not charge extra. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has no up-sells whatsoever!


I also took a point off due to their keyword research tool and training. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training and keyword tool I have ever found. For me, the results speak for themselves and this is not an opinion.


Wealthy Affiliate costs a bit more (unless you catch their Black Friday deal) but as someone who has experience with both programs, WA offers so much more value.


With SBI, I made no money.


With Wealthy Affiliate, I was profitable within the first year. That is a no-brainer to me!


Comments or questions? Pleas leave them below and I will respond.


P.S. I you are an SBI owner and I have misrepresented SBI in this article, please let me know and I will gladly revise this article or correct any mistakes.



  1. Evelyn

    What a great article on SBI. I’m glad at least they decided to start using WordPress websites. I read how so many people in the past had to spend a lot of time moving their site to a WordPress site.

    I’m also not a fan of Up-sells. WA does offer a great keyword tool for their members and support without asking a dime. WA is the best service out there for people to use. Again a great article Steve.

    • Steve

      Giving their members the option of building their businesses on a WordPress theme was a smart move for Site Build It. They do offer a easy to use CMS and it’s great for people who don’t want to deal with the learning curve involved with WordPress but there are so many video tutorials available now, anyone can build a great WordPress site.

  2. Chris

    Well I was quite interested to begin with – I’ve been looking into making my own website for quite some time now. The problem here though is the price – I’ve seen free wix and blogger sites that look pretty cool and they are free! This is nearly 300 dollars a year – that seems pretty steep doesn’t it?

    • Steve

      The problem with “free” site builders like Wix is that you are getting a sub-domain that you do not own. I have no idea what the free site builders offer for training if any. With sites like Site Build It! or Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting tools,training and support. Having used both, Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down!

  3. Wendy

    Wow site build it has been around for a long time. So they must be doing something right. But I agree with you that Siterubix is the better offer because of the training that you get from Wealthy Affiliate. SEO training including keyword research is so valuable with helping your site rank. So I’m glad I have my sites hosted there. But it does seem like SBI is better than most.

    • Steve

      Site Build It does have a better product than a lot of what is out there. They do have some similarities to Wealthy Affiliate but Kyle and Carson just did a much better job. Site Build It Is slightly cheaper for one website but the extra you pay for WA is well worth it. And, if you decide to start a second site with SBI, you pay FULL price again! Wa will host 25 websites for no extra charge. Wealthy Affiliate has the BEST features that SBI offers, improves on them and adds much more!

  4. sharon

    Hi Steve, Seems like we’ve both had similar experiences, but I was with them for 2 years. I didn’t enjoy my experience with SBI at all, I stayed with them for as long as I did because I thought there wasn’t anything else on the internet. Then one fine day I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t looked back, I have been with WA for 2 years now and have no plans to leave.
    I like the way you broke down the SBI financials; when you look at it like that, you’re actually paying a lot for nothing in my opinion. I hated their teaching, the structure, their forum sucked, their templates look 1970s and the blog you get is beyond stupid. Okay I’ve had my rant lol.
    BTW nice article and I’d say very accurate, although it appears you enjoyed their teaching somewhat more than me, for me it wasn’t even logically structured – oh here I go again lol better sign off and say good bye.

    • Steve

      Hey Sharon,
      I was trying to be polite but I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed their training. After all, I still had NO online business building experience after a year. With Site Build It, you will have a decent looking website which is more than you get for $299 with many of the scams out there. Of course if you still don’t understand how to do keyword research or have a solid understanding of SEO, you are really no better off. Wealthy Affiliate excels at teaching you everything that SBI lacks.

  5. Brok

    Really like the title of your site. I’ve been trying to fire my boss for a while now!

    I really like your review of site build it. It seems to be super expensive though.

    Even when you go to other hosting sites you can usually get something for much cheaper then $300 bucks!

    I guess they do include a few extra resources, but doesn’t seem worth the price to me. And it really sucks you can’t move your website!

    Is there a hosting service you recommend over this?

    • Steve

      They do have a “keyword” tool but it’s based on Google Adword campaigns which I am sometimes suspicious of. They don’t teach competition analysis or even show you how to track ranking, traffic and many other factors that feel are crucial.

      As far as hosting, I am not an expert and as a premium member of wealthy Affiliate, I can host unlimited sites at no extra cost so I take them up on it.

  6. Alfonso

    its amazing that I found this post. I was actually on site build its website and was considering signing up. I was hesitant to the fact that I would need to pay nearly $300 a year. I decided to look around and see if I were able to find some reviews. Luckly I came across yours. Now I think I’ll give wealthy affiliate a look. thinks

    • Steve

      I’ve read a good number of his responses on his website. It’s very simple here.
      Under promise and over deliver.
      Wealthy Affiliate does, Sitesell does NOT.

  7. I find it truly unfortunate that WA is recommended when it offers little chance of actual success at building real online businesses.

    It seems that the only thing WA excels at is failure. And somehow, even their community (as seen from the comments on this post) is protective.

    Have you seen the study we made on the SiteSell Blog?

    This study is objective, rigorous, mathematically significant and reproducible. It shines the light on what kind of results WA customers are actually having.

    I ask that you examine your conscience. Read The Study.


    Jon for

    • Steve

      With all due respect, you can link to all the “studies” you want, but it doesn’t change the reality of my experience. I owned a SiteSell site and found no success with them. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me far more and offers superior services AND it more than pays for itself.

      SiteSell no doubt works for some people but I chose to recommend what I happen to KNOW is a better service for the money.

      You can show all your Alexa rankings (useless) and say whatever you want about other WA members but you can’t change one fundamental thing. Wealthy Affiliate under promises and over delivers. SiteSell doesn’t for me.

  8. Minhaj

    People must not be fooled by Ken evoys flawed study. He relies heavily on alexa ranking which are not a good indicator of a websites success. Plus he has a habit of doing these studies,he did it with WordPress and lost,he tried a response to the most devastating critique of SBI (by a former member) that didn’t work,now he is trying to ride on the coat tails of WA because he knows a lot of unethical marketers do not like them and so created so called study. You will see a majority of the websites are not mobile friendly and they are the few that managed to dodge the Google updates. He complains about Wealthy Affiliate,buy no wealthy affiliate member had ever written a bad review,that all comes from former members. Even thier head of marketing does not use the solo build it platform. Pathetic.

    • Steve

      Very well said. I can understand Mr. Evoy’s frustration. When you Google search for an SBI review, the first page is mostly dominated by WA members. The fact that WA members can outrank SBI for reviews on their own product speaks volumes about the difference in training in my opinion. Also, you can tell that these reviews are NOT fake (as Ken Evoy suggests) because they know things only a real past customer would know.

  9. Ana

    Thanks for the info. on both sbi and wa. Unfortunately, I can’t afford either one at the moment. I’ll have to look into a discount for wa once I have some money. Also, I’m not sure I want my sites to be affiliate sites only.

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