Is Motor Club Of America A Scam Or Legit?

mcaMotor Club Of America offers services that you would expect to find from most motor clubs. Services such as roadside assistance, towing, travel services etc. MCA has 5 levels of membership ranging from $9.95 per month to $39.99 per month. Each level of membership layers on additional services over and above cheaper membership levels.


There are 2 sides to Motor Club Of America.


  • The Service Side
  • The Business Opportunity Side


I will talk about the service side only briefly since you can find all of the information on their site. Then, I will discuss the opportunity side in detail so you decide if this is the right kind of opportunity for you.

MCA Security


Here is a summary of the services offered by Motor Club Of America Security which starts at only $9.95 per month:


  • Emergency Roadside Assistance & Towing
  • Travel Planning/Discounts
  • Up To $25,000 Bail Bond If You Are Arrested For A Traffic Violation
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement/ Up To $500
  • $1,000 Credit Card Protection
  • $500 Farm Equipment Reward
  • Vision, Prescription & Dental Discounts


Auto Accident Benefits


  • Up To $500 Emergency Benefits
  • $54,750 Daily Hospital Benefits
  • $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit

As previously mentioned, even more benefits are offered for the more expensive plans.


The Motor Club Of America Business Opportunity


There are 2 ways to make money with Motor Club Of America.


  • Become A Sales Associate
  • Build A Team Of Sales Associates


If you were wondering if Motor Club Of America is an MLM, yes it is.


Sales Associate Training & Support


A sales associate is someone who participates in direct, face to face selling. It is completely free to become a sales associate. All you need to do is give them your personal information; name, email and phone number. Once they receive your information, you will be assigned a sponsor who should contact you within 12 hours.


Hopefully, you will be assigned a sponsor who is knowledgeable in building your business. Beside the training and support that you receive from your sponsor (hopefully) There are professionally designed brochures, business cards, flyers and more to help you attract clients. All of which must be purchased by you of course.



Get Weekly Paychecks

If you plan to focus on building a sales team, there are separate tools to help you capture leads for you business. 2 MCA members put together a lead generation system that they claim will explode your sales and your downline. You can learn more at What Is Get Weekly Paychecks?


Sales Associate Compensation


Below is a partial chart of the compensation plan with projections based on number of weekly sales.


MCA Compensation plan


Motor Club Of America’s compensation plan is a bit unusual for this industry. If you look at the top row, you will see that selling 1 Total Security Plan for $19.95 earns you $80. How can that be? Because most of the commission you earn is an advance. It is based on your client remaining a paying member for at least 17 months.


If your customer cancels before that time (they can cancel at ANY time) you will incur a charge-back. This means that any advanced amount you received which was not paid for by the customer will be deducted from future commissions.

Building A Sales Team (Downline)


You can also earn compensation based on the sales volume of your team or downline. If you plan to build a downline, there are additional tools and training which can become pretty costly.


  • Tier   2  $6
  • Tiers 3 & 4  $1.32
  • Tiers 5 & 6 $.66


One thing that bothers me about Motor Club Of America’s compensation plan is that it only pays for a limited number of levels. You need to work too hard at building a large sales force without being compensated after a certain depth.

If I were to ever recommend an MLM, it would be one that compensates you based on the volume of your ENTIRE downline.

Associate Websites


Motor Club Of America offers 2 different types of websites depending on how much you are willing to invest. If you want to build a business in the information age, having a website is a must. I will share a few details about the websites they offer and why I think they are both overpriced.


Click To See A Sample


If you want a professional looking website and don’t want to learn how to build it yourself, you can buy a “ready made” site. (Click the image above to see a sample site) Overall, it’s a pretty good looking little site. There is one problem however. This is a “cookie cutter” site meaning that everyone who purchases one of these site will have a site that is exactly like yours. The only difference will be the affiliate links.


They claim these sites are SEO friendly, but cookie cutter sites are NOT good for SEO. If there are thousands, or even hundreds of sites identical to yours, the search engines cannot give them ALL a high search engine ranking. They can however give them ALL a low ranking. And that is exactly what usually happens.


MCA Business Ready Website


Click To See A Sample MCA Business Ready Websie


MCA’s Business Ready Website option is actually a better value since it is a 1 time fee of $74.99. It is a slightly better looking website than the Associate Website (in my opinion) However, it is still a cookie cutter site. Forget about getting any free search traffic from the major search engines with these kinds of websites.


You will have to promote these websites on your own by handing out printed materials (paid for by you) or spam all of your social media networks with affiliate links.


My Final Opinion


The services that are offered by Motor Club Of America seem to be a good value for the cost of their memberships. If you are one of those people who can “sell ice cubes to Eskimo’s” you may do well with this program.


If face to face sales are not your thing and you’d rather learn to build a business strictly online, there are better alternatives.


Want to learn how to build killer custom websites that get thousands of monthly visitors from FREE search engine traffic? Want to learn how to convert that traffic into consistent sales without the possibility of charge-backs? Be sure to check out my #1 recommendation and extra bonuses!



  1. Mark

    Hi Steve – Good honest review of the Motor Club of America. I agree with your points about “cookie cutter” website. How can they be ranked with the same information – as we are taught unique content is king.
    Also I would like to ask What is the big problem with MLM?
    Companies like Amway, Avon and Momentis are all successful companies and are use MLM as their sale structure?
    Overall though a great review.

    • Steve

      There is no denying that some MLM’s are massively successful corporations. I am not completely anti-MLM. There are some things I like and many things about them that I just don’t like. I could write a whole article on my reasons. In fact, I might just do that.

      People have been trained to believe that they are pyramid schemes when they are actually supply chains. Anything you buy from a retailer has been through a similar supply chain and the cost of that product is divided up over many middle men.

      The first time I looked at an MLM, it made sense to me because I am a numbers person. I quickly learned that most people you show the plan to are not. Even when people do get in, YOU end up working harder for their business then they do. Then they quit and tell everyone “it” doesn’t work. They fail to understand that it is “they”, not “it” that needs to do the work!

  2. Faithe

    Good honest review of Motor Club Of America. I did not realize it was an MLM. Wonder how many other motor clubs (AAA?) are actually MLMs.

    From an online entrepreneur point of view, I will steer clear of this one (pun intended). Thanks for your time to put this together.

    • Steve

      Not sure if there are any others but, MLM’s do seem to be moving towards service oriented products rather than physical products. I think it’s a smart move since the prices of physical products often need to be inflated to pay all the distributors in the chain. I appreciate the pun and the comment 🙂

  3. Chris

    Seems like a pretty strange topic to set up a marketing business on – I’m not sure I like this at all really!
    It did reek of MLM and as soon as I got half way down the review I realized it was – even though it is free to join I would not go near this with a ten foot pole at the end of the day – MLM = no opportunity at all!

    • Steve

      If it offers the same level of service a AAA then it’s fine as a product. To build a business around this model is another story. Not one that I favor or reccomend.

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