Earn Money Online

cashstackIf you want to earn money online there are plenty of things you can try. The question is how much money do you want to make and how much time are you willing to dedicate to it? It also depends on how hard you are willing to work.


If you’re looking to earn money online for free, and I mean serious money, it could be pretty tough road ahead. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t can take years while the people who have invested in the proper education will be learning the best techniques much faster than you will probably be able to figure them out on you own.


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If you don’t want to invest the time and money into learning how to create an online business, there are other options available to you.


Paid Surveys


cashcrateIf you want to earn money online without any kind of investment by performing simple tasks, you could always check out paid survey sites. An internet marketing community, of which I am a member, recently discussed paid survey site. The consensus seemed to be that they were a colossal waste of time. I’m not saying that everyone is a waste of time, but I’ve tried a few of them and quickly decided that they were not worth my time and effort.


Who Are Paid Surveys For?


Some people enjoy filling out surveys and don’t really care if they don’t make a whole lot of money. If you just want to earn a few bucks here and there, paid survey’s may appeal to you. Paid survey’s don’t require any skills and are fairly easy to qualify for. One of the advantages to using sites like Cashcrate is that you can earn more money be referring new members.




freelancerThere are plenty of companies looking to have small projects done on their websites and will hire people on a per job basis. Freelancers, as they are known, can browse through pending jobs and bid on jobs they are qualified for. Most companies who post jobs will want to know a little about your experience in the field and may ask to see some of your previous work.


Who Is Freelancing For?


Freelancing is good for people who are ambitious and somewhat aggressive. There are many freelancer’s out there competing for jobs so it is definitely an employers market. If you are unproven in the field, you may be limited to the number of opportunities available to you when you are just starting out.


If you can find a project that doesn’t require you to show a work history up front, they will typically be low paying jobs. Once you get a few of these under your belt however, you will then be able to go after some of the higher paying jobs. Just be prepared to turn in quality work and it needs to be on time!




OK, I probably don’t have to explain ebay to anybody. However, if you have a nack for finding interesting items at a really low price, running an ebay business can be fun and profitable. Many ebay sellers go to flea markets, yardsales and any other place they can find good deals.



Answer questions


answersPeople are actually paying money to have their questions answered on all sorts of topics. If you qualify to work with one of these sites, you can earn a percentage of the money paid for your answer.


Some of the topics can be general knowledge such as history, entertainment or parenting. Some are geared toward professionals such as Lawyers or Doctors. There is a growing list of these kind of sites out there so chances are, you might have enough expertise to qualify to work with some of them.



 Learn Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to earn money online. If done right, there is enormous income potential! There is also a lot of work involved. Of all of the different things I’ve tried over the years (online and offline), affiliate marketing has been the only one to work well for me.



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