What Is Forever Living Products?

Forever Living Products is a company that manufactures and distributes aloe vera based health and wellness products. The company was founded by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan in Tempe, Arizona in 1978. Forever Living Products uses the multi level marketing model to distribute products and allows anyone to become an independent business owner referred to … [Read more…]

Is Bitcoin A Scam Or Just A Gamble?

Several months ago, in late 2017, some people I knew started talking about huge returns they were seeing from their bitcoin investments.   I heard stories of people doubling their money in only 1 month. After doing some research, I realized there was a full blown bitcoin mania going on. But, why the sudden meteoric … [Read more…]

How NOT To Sell SEO Services

This is not going to be one of those articles where I discuss the “Do’s And Don’ts” of selling SEO services. I do not sell SEO services, nor do I plan to anytime soon. This is from the perspective of someone who is constantly trying to be sold on the idea of paying for SEO/Web … [Read more…]

What Is Isagenix?

Isagenix is yet another company who manufactures products in the health and wellness niche and distributes them through the network marketing or multi-level marketing business model. Isagenix products are broken into 4 different categories and product bundles are suggested based on your individual goals. The Isagenix product categories are: Weight Loss Energy Performance Healthy Aging … [Read more…]

What Is Two Dollar Click?

Is Two Dollar Click Legit?   Two Dollar Click is another banner farm with a signup to join a PTC (pay to click) website. Two Dollar Click looks like a typical PTC scam where you are promised easy money for simply watching short ads. People who join these sites for free never get paid while … [Read more…]

What Is The Free Money System About?

The Free Money System is a marketing campaign designed to lure people with dreams of easy money (big, easy money!) with no work. You are offered free software that is supposed to alert its users of market fluctuations that ensure successful binary options trading.   In this article I’ll explain: What binary options are and how … [Read more…]

What Is Ambit Energy? – (Q&A WITH AN INSIDER)

Ambit Energy Is a Texas based power distribution company. In 2006, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless founded Ambit Energy to compete in the markets created by the deregulation of the energy markets. The purpose behind deregulation is to break up monopolies to create more competitive pricing and give customers more choices.   Ambit Energy was founded … [Read more…]