Guide To Keyword Research

A  Three Part Guide To Keyword Research


guide to keyword research








In this three part guide to keyword research I’ll be showing you how to use several tools to help you find the best keywords for your niche and possibly even discover some great new niche’s. I will be showing you how to use:


  • Google suggest
  • Ubersuggest
  • Jaaxy


But first…..


Why Are Keywords So Important?



Your goal as a content publisher is to get your content exposed to as wide an audience as possible. If people don’t find your content, all of your writing efforts could amount to nothing more that a waste of time. This is why having an understanding of the proper way to perform keyword research is so important.




keywords1. Finding Niche Keywords With Google Suggest


Have you noticed that when you begin typing into Google search, it has an auto fill feature and a dropdown list of other suggested search phrases? How do you suppose Google get’s it’s ideas for these? Those suggested search terms are popular search terms. Google is actually showing you what people are searching for!


Try this. Open your Google search and experiment with a few phrases. Type things like:


  • how to get
  • how to find
  • how to fix
  • how to learn
  • how to play


I bet you found some pretty interesting results huh? I remember back in the days of mail order, before the internet, when people were making fortunes selling “how to” books and manuals. How to’s probably sell better today than they ever have and having the leverage of the internet makes it possible to earn much more money without much more effort.


The Alphabet Soup Method


The “alphabet soup” technique is a method of changing a single letter in your search term which yields you a list of different results. Try typing “where to buy”, followed by the letter “a”. Then with the letter “b” and so on. These people are actually looking for websites to show them where to buy something. Can you see an opportunity here maybe?


ubersuggest2. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a website the automates the alphabet soup technique. It will search for your keyword phrase + A – Z and even searches 1 – 9. A very quick way to get lots of keyword phrases with a single click.




3. Jaaxy


Jaaxy is a powerful and comprehensive keyword research platform. Jaaxy assembles a list of keywords relevant to your search term at lightning fast speed with the most important metrics needed to make smart keyword decisions. Once you understand how this tool works, you can very quickly spot the keywords with the lowest competition and high enough monthly search volume to make it worth your while.


Ubersuggest + Jaaxy = Opportunity


Using ubersuggest, I typed the phrase “where to buy”. I then scrolled through the list and chose “where to buy rainbow loom“. Now, I don’t have the slightest idea what rainbow loom is but I was curious to see what Jaaxy had to offer for search volume.


Here’s what I discovered.


rainbow loom

Note: I am using the FREE version of Jaaxy for this demonstration. 


What you want to pay attention to here is, Monthly Searches, QSR and KQI.

I like to see 100+ monthly searches, QSR (quoted search results) below 400 (I personally prefer below 200) and KQI (keyword quality indicator) must be green!


You can see that I chose 4 of those keywords that get a pretty significant amount of monthly searches and clicked “Get QSR“. Look at those results! The competition is low enough to get highly ranked for these keywords without having to ware yourself out promoting them. But….. can money be made in this niche?


Let’s have a look……….


BOOM! The very first result I got was  This link does lead to an amazon store but amazon has plenty of rainbow loom accessories that you could promote as an amazon affiliate. The amazon affiliate program is no longer available in certain states but, you can see how easy it is to find a niche, analyze the potential profitability, and find products to promote to that niche when using the right tools.


Want to try your own Jaaxy search right now? Type your keyword phrase in the box below. C-mon, you know you want to try it!