Be The Boss Network Review

Br The Boss Network ReviewName: Be The Boss Network
Cost: Free
Rank: NA

Be The Boss Network is simply a directory of different MLM’s that you can join through their site. You won’t get any more information than what is provided through each individual MLM’s sales page.




Are There Any Costs Involved?

There is no cost to browse through their MLM directory. They sell advertising space and likely earn affiliate commissions with certain MLM programs.


If you click the “MLM Directory” tab on their main page, you will see a very extensive A – Z list of companies along with links to open a page with general information on the products and services offered by that particular company.


You will also notice a ranking system which is based on feedback provided by users. These are just the opinions of a few so you will need to do your research before considering any of these programs.


Also, be aware that there will likely be start up fee’s to join an of these MLM’s and some even require you to buy a predetermined amount of products on a monthly basis. Personally, I would not advise joining an MLM that has purchase quota’s. Any company who forces you to buy products can’t be a very good company.


Is An MLM The Way To Go? 


I knew there were quite  few MLM’s out there but I really didn’t have a clue until I visited Be The Boss Network. What I learned is that the MLM industry is far more saturated than I ever imagined! Think about it, you not only have tons of other individual business owners to compete with in your business, but there are tons of other companies as well.


You need a sizable downline to earn a significant income with any MLM and there simply aren’t enough people to go around. I don’t say this because I’m a negative person, I say it because I’m a mathematically literate person. The numbers just don’t make sense!


Advise From An Ex-MLM Junkie


I just want to share a quick story about my own MLM past. I was introduced to the concept of MLM back in 1991. There weren’t nearly as many opportunities as there are today and it seemed like an amazing opportunity at the time.


I jumped in with both feet. Bought the tools and training, attended seminars and even weekend long out of state functions that cost hundreds of dollars to attend (not including gas, meals and lodging!) Using hind-site, I should have been able to recognize much sooner than I did that this simply wasn’t going to pan out!


So, I did the only thing I knew how to do. That was to continue working my ass off for people who were never going to pay me what I was worth. I figured something would come along eventually and 15 years or so later, it did!


I Finally Find A Way To Be My Own Boss


Around the middle of 2008, I started to investigate the possibilities of earning an income online. I had no idea how big this industry was and how many scammers were out there just waiting for guy’s like me to come along.


This lead to more wasted time and money. Many false starts and long periods of time where I just quit trying for a while. Then, in 2013 I finally found what I was looking for. A place where I could learn the real techniques of making money online and an amazing community of like minded people.


I found the #1 online business building community in the world and it has changed the course of my life forever! If you want to be the boss for once in your life, you owe it to yourself to click the link above and check it out. It won’t cost you a dime to try it out.



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