Automated Cash Cloud

Automated Cash Cloud is a program that claims they can teach you to make $1,000 per day after a simple 5 minute set up process. Their “team” will do all the work…… autopilot……. no work on your end…. blah, blah, blah. The same old BS you hear in every other scam out there! In this review, I’ll let you in on what Automated Cash Cloud is what their REAL agenda is!


BS Sales Video

Name: Automated Cash Cloud


Price: Claims To Be Free But You Must Choose An Overpriced Hosting Package

Overall Rank: 0 Out Of 100







Automated Cash Cloud Scam


If you were unfortunate enough to subject yourself to the sales video, you could probably tell pretty quickly that there is no way this can be true. I will admit that the guy is good. He could probably sell ketchup Popsicle’s to a woman wearing white gloves!


For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the spokesman claims that they are giving away 20 free websites every day for 5 days only. And guess what? Today is the LAST day! And if you check back tomorrow, THAT will be the last day too! I do appreciate the fact that they did this because now, it only takes 24 hours to find out they are full of shit. (Thanks guy’s)




What Happens Inside Automated Cash Cloud?




If you can’t read what’s in that image, the $89.70 is for a 6 month hosting package with Cloud PRO Hosting. That is the lowest entry fee. They do give you a free website but I don’t know if it’s a premium domain or a sub-domain. It doesn’t really mater either way. A rip off is a rip off!


The owners of Automated Cash Cloud are Cloud PRO Hosting affiliates who’s only goal is to sell you a hosting package so they can earn a commission. And guess how you will make money? By doing what they do. I don’t know what the commission rate is and I don’t care. To send enough referrals to make $1.000 per day isn’t going to happen on autopilot tomorrow!




That Doesn’t Sound So Bad, Right?


It get’s worse. It turns out that Automated Cash Cloud is a lead generation system used by a company called Professional Learning Institute. They collect your personal information when you sign up for hosting and then call you and offer some kind of success coaching for thousands of dollars!


So they are going to teach you to build an online business but they conduct their own business by cold calling people. Things that make you go hmmm…….




I cannot find a single pro to Automated Cash Cloud. That is a first for me when it comes to writing product reviews.




Yes they are! I can’t find anything about this that isn’t a con. Another first!


Who Is Automated Cash Cloud For?


Here is a list of people for whom Automated Cash Cloud would be perfect for:


  • People who don’t like keeping their own money
  • People who enjoy having their hopes dashed
  • People who enjoy being burned once again
  • People who have “SUCKER” written on their foreheads


Okay, I am being a bit facetious there but you get the point.


Please don’t fall for this scam!



Automated Cash Cloud Training


As far as I can tell (from some of their victims) there isn’t any to speak of. I’m sure they will encourage you to spam the social media sites until you lose every last friend and follower. That is the ONLY free method of sending people to an affiliate offer the day you sign up and I can tell you from personal experience, your friends don’t give a rat’s back side about your affiliate link!




When you contact them to ask them why you aren’t making any money, they will tell you it takes a few days to start working. No advice. Just wait.


My Final Opinion On Automated Cash Cloud



You are NOT going to learn how to build a profitable business with Automated Cash Cloud. You can make money online but you are going to have to work! There is no way around it!





Name: Automated Cash Cloud


Price: Claims To Be Free But You Must Choose An Overpriced Hosting Package

Overall Rank: 0 Out Of 100



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  1. Bernard

    Hi Steve,

    Excellent review. Hope it saves many people from losing money and worst of all hope. Hope that you can make an income online. These types of programs do a lot of damage to people hoping to start an online business.

    Good work,


    • Steve

      Thanks Bernard. Not only do people get ripped off, but it gives the rest of us a bad name. A lose/lose situation.

  2. Bart

    I like your honest opinion, Steve. People would rather hear the truth about Automated Cash Cloud up front than fall for their sales pitch and find out the hard way – after their money is gone. You just saved a whole lot of people some heartache.

    • Steve

      Thanks Bart. This seems to be a pretty popular scam right now so hopefully I can steer some people in a better direction!

  3. Lori

    Hi Steve,

    Great review! I’ll definitely be staying away from this one! I’ve fallen for many scams in the past, so I will be sticking with WA, that’s what works for me!


    • Steve

      Me too Lori! A couple years ago I would have jumped at something like this! People were not writing many reviews to warn people about scams like this ,so I’ve decide to take the job 🙂 Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  4. Danni

    Great review Steve! I will definitely be steering clear of Automated Cash Cloud. I’ve learnt that if it seems too good to be true, it generally is!

  5. Ashley

    Awesome review!! How do people continue to rip people off… I just dont understand!!
    Thanks for the information!

    • Steve

      That is something that definitely concerns me Ashley. I fear it’s only a mater of time before the political machine comes after our industry for these types of things. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Craig

    This is the oldest trick in the book, offer free websites and then you get inside and you have to pay for hosting at some ridiculous price. And of course then come the upsells that are at such absorbanent prices, and there no different from what you can get on the net for free. Great honest review Steve.

    • Steve

      You’re right Craig, I have seen these types of programs before. They’re not ALL bad like Automated Cash Cloud. Some of them will allow you to access articles to learn how to build an online business if you subscribe to Hostgator or one of the other hosting companies who offer hosting for $10 per month. I have no problem with this business model if it is set up to actually help people. Promising people they will earn $1,000 per day and then leaving them twisting in the wind isn’t cool.

  7. Jason

    This is a new one on me but I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m getting some kind of email about it saying it is the best thing since sliced bread.

    But what they don’t know is that I have one up on them.
    I read your review and I like my money right where it is, in my pocket.

    Glad I read this before rather than later.
    Thanks for the review,

    • Steve

      I actually learned about this little gem from my Google Alerts. If you haven’t set that up you need to! They hand you some great content ideas on a silver platter! Thanks for dropping in bud,

  8. Neil

    Hi, Steve

    I think the $89.70 for 6 months of hosting is way to steep and something I wouldn’t fork out for. In my earlier days as a blogger, I used Hostgator which was awesome value and I even made some great income from selling the hosting packages through the affiliate program. I guess you could say my hosting turned out to be FREE 😉

    Oh dear! That does sound bad when there’s not a single pro to the automated cash cloud!

    Cheers for the heads up and this is something I will be certainly passing up on…


    • Steve

      It is definitely too steep for someone just starting out with blogging. I usually recommend that people start for free to practice and get a feel for blogging before they invest. That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, 2 free sites, free hosting and training videos to get your blog set up properly. Then people can decide if they want to invest in more advanced training when it’s right for them. Thanks for stopping by Neil.

  9. Todd

    Hey Steve,
    Loved the review, you had me laughing. Thanks for breakdown of automated cash cloud and now I know another scam to look out for. Amazing how many online scoundrels there are out there. Keep up the good work.

    • Steve

      Thanks Todd. I had a blast writing this one as you could probably tell. This thing is so bad that I couldn’t take it seriously! I’ll talk to you soon, I have to finish my video selling ice cubes to Eskimo’s!

  10. Virgie

    You had fun doing this review and I had fun reading it. This is what you call a “bare bones review”. :0 I certainly hope nobody gets scammed by these loosers.

    • Steve

      Thanks Virgie. There are quite a few searches for this product review so hopefully I can get this puppy on the first page to warn them. Thanks for reading 🙂

  11. Patti Mays

    Steve I hadn’t heard of this one but your review is so thorough and in-depth I feel like I know all about it. Isn’t it interesting how – if we’d just use a little common sense and logic when looking at a way to get rich quick, ALL the red flags are there. Just the name “Automated Cash Cloud” is such a farce. Like naming it “Money Growing on Trees.”

    But as always your reviews are SO worth reading and I have to admit I laughed my head off over “ketchup Popsicles to ladies wearing white gloves.” Where do you come up with this stuff? You are HILARIOUS and I love your posts and reviews.

    • Steve

      Thank you so much Patti. Because money is such an emotional issue for most of us, common sense and logic fly right out the window! That’s how they get us every time! I have to tell you this, YOUR blog has inspired me to throw more humor into my writing. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it 🙂

  12. Hey Steve,

    I really enjoyed reading this article. It is funny how Automated Cash Cloud say in their video that “their team” will do the work for you, when that’s really not the case. I’m sure they are talking about other work and that “other work” really means nothing. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Steve

      You know, I’m convinced that they use language like that assuming that people will forget all about those claims once they’re inside. They talk fast and make so many claims that it’s all but impossible to remember them all. For all we know, this may be just another bogus “make money thing” that ultimately leads to EN. They do use sneaky techniques like this all the time. Thanks for reading and commenting Evelyn 🙂

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