About Me

I have worked a plethora of different jobs over the last 25 years. Often working 2 jobs at a time. What did all that hard work get me? Squat! My standard of living stayed flat or even fell a bit because wages no longer keep up with the cost of living. Bosses ask for more and more so they can get richer and richer while you’re supposed to be thankful to have a job. Well SCREW THAT!  I said enough is enough……. Time to go into business for myself.



Since I’m a bit of an internet junkie, that seemed like the most logical place to begin working my plan to free myself from the shackles of another tedious and boring dead-end job. Learning to make a living online has been quite interesting. There are lots of scammers and modern day snake oil salesmen online waiting for suckers like me and I fell for a few of them.


That’s one of the hardest parts about getting started in this business. How do you know who to trust? It took me a few years but I finally found a wonderful community of like minded internet entrepreneurs who are happy to share their experiences. Everyday I have the privilege of tapping into a wealth of information from people who have actually achieved financial freedom and never have to worry about being unemployed.


That is what lead to the creation of firemyboss.net. I wanted to help people avoid all of the scams and misinformation designed to separate you from your money leaving you more broke and more frustrated. And, you can get started online today for $0.


Working online has it’s challenges and it can be very frustrating at times but…… I do like my boss a whole lot more.