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There are 3 main reasons why I created Fire My Boss.


  • A place for people to rant or tell funny stories about bosses
  • Help people find a cure for the common boss
  • Help people break their addiction to paychecks


My Boss Is An Idiot!


I’ve had every kind of boss you can imagine over the years. Some of them where great, some of them…… well…… I’m surprised they could operate a door knob to get out of the house everyday! If you have a rant or funny story about your boss or an ex-boss, click on over to the Story section and drop it in the comment box. I’d love to read about it.

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Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords

You may have read other internet marketers talking about long tail keywords and wondered “What are the benefits of long tail keywords?” There are several benefits to using long tail keyword phrases. In fact, most of my keyword research time is spent looking for long tail keyword phrases.


What Is A Long Tail Keyword Phrase?


A “long tail” keyword phrase is generally considered to be a phrase with more than three words. They are easy enough to create. Just take any popular search term and add a couple of words before or after (or both) and you’ve got a long tail keyword phrase.

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How To Earn Money With Google Adsense

There are basically 2 ways to earn money with Google Adsesnse.


  • Buying ads that bring highly targeted traffic to your website.
  • Placing Google ads on a site where you earn an advertising fee when a visitor clicks an ad.


Since most people want to know how to earn money with Google Adsense by earning money from clicks, that will be the focus of this article.


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What Is Firepa.com?

What Is Firepa.com?

Lots of people are spamming YouTube videos and blog posts with claims of make $3,000 per month with Firepa.com. So you may be wondering “What is Firepa.com?” Is it the real deal? Actually Firepa started out as yet another one of those gateway sites that promoted cheap Clickbank products.


They started out by giving visitors a choice of 4 different Clickbank products to chose from but they no longer even have their own website anymore. Now, of you type firepa.com into your browser’s address bar, you are redirected to the last remaining product they still recommend.

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Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How much time and money have you wasted trying to learn to make money with affiliate marketing? More than you care to think about? I know. Trust me! I wasted years and hundreds of dollars. I know people who have lost upwards of $4,000 for useless websites. Ouch!


If you find yourself in a similar situation, it’s not your fault. You see, there are many courses out there that are created by “guru’s” who don’t give a damn about you or your success. They throw these courses together knowing that most people will never follow through and hopefully, they won’t request a refund.

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Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website?

Many people want to know if it’s possible to make money with Clickbank without a website. While it is possible, I’m not sure why anyone would want to work that hard!

If that statement doesn’t make sense to you, it soon will.

Several years ago, there were lots of options for people promoting products through web 2.0 sites and popular article directories but, they no longer work as well as they once did.


Article Marketing


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What Is Opinion Outpost?

Thousands of people are looking for information every month on Opinion Outpost. Since this is such a popular search term, I figured I would give this thing a shot so I can provide a thorough review.

So, what is opinion outpost? Is it legit? Can you really make money with this particular survey site?


My Opinion Counts – Opinion Outpost

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How To Make Money With Websites

This will not be your typical “how to make money with websites” type article. If you did a Google search for this phrase, you likely found sites that give you a long list of techniques that you can use to monetize a site. While this generally good advise for the most part, they only apply to people who already get a good amount of daily traffic. If you don’t know how to build a website and get traffic to that site, all the monetization methods in the world won’t help you.


How To Build Websites That Make Money


Before you can begin to make money with websites, you need to understand the process behind building a profitable website like they teach through my #1 recommendation. The process, in a nutshell, works like this:

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How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

In this article I want to discuss how to improve your Alexa ranking but I also want to discuss why it shouldn’t be of significance when trying to improve the overall ranking of your site. Many new webmasters make the mistake of using Alexa ranking as an important metric in their progress. I’m going to explain why it isn’t very important before I get into the how of improving it.


What Is Alexa Ranking?

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What Is PayRipo?

I’ve recently read some claims from people saying they are making great money with PayRipo. I’m always curious to see what people are doing to earn money online so I figured I would check it out. So, what is PayRipo and does it live up to the hype?


1500$ In Your First Week Guaranteed?


That is how they write $1,500 on their site. This guarantee follows some of the most poorly written sales copy I’ve ever seen! Maybe they should use their own program and hire a decent editor :) But seriously, how can they guarantee that much money in one week? They can’t!

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What Is PayMeZox?

I am making a gazillion dollars a month. Just Google PayMeZox.com to learn more.



Perhaps you’ve seen comment spam like this. That may even be what lead you here. It’s hard to find any legitimate reviews on paymezox.com but my experience working online makes it easy enough to tell what’s really going on.



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