Welcome To Fire My Boss

There are 3 main reasons why I created Fire My Boss.


  • A place for people to rant or tell funny stories about bosses
  • Help people find a cure for the common boss
  • Help people break their addiction to paychecks


My Boss Is An Idiot!


I’ve had every kind of boss you can imagine over the years. Some of them where great, some of them…… well…… I’m surprised they could operate a door knob to get out of the house everyday! If you have a rant or funny story about your boss or an ex-boss, click on over to the Story section and drop it in the comment box. I’d love to read about it.


Finding A Cure For The Common Boss

If you can’t stand your current boss, or the idea of having a boss at all, then the way I see it you have 2 choices


  • Find a new boss
  • Be your own boss


If you simply want to find a new boss, this site won’t be much help to you. I strongly advocate being your own boss and that is the focus of this site. If you have the work ethic and self discipline to be your own boss, you just might be the best boss you ever had. Especially when it comes to allotting vacation time.


How To Break Your Addiction To Paychecks

You may be thinking that a paycheck is a necessity not an addiction! That is true but if you think about it, what you need is income not necessarily a paycheck. What I’m talking about is income from assets.


Income from assets

An asset is basically something you own that hopefully increases in value over time, or produces a steady cash flow. I am a big fan of income producing assets. With income producing assets, you have much more control over the potential value of the asset and how much income it can produce. Of course there are limits to how much money any given asset can produce, but there is no limit to how many assets one can control. When the income produced by your assets exceeds your expenses, you are financially free!

Buying Assets

Assets fall into 3 basic categories


  • Businesses
  • Real Estate
  • Paper (stocks and bonds)


Each of these asset types have sub-categories of their own and the list can be quite extensive. Every asset class has it’s pros and cons and none are necessarily better than the others. It depends on the individual investor. The problem with buying certain types of assets is that they can be very capital intensive. To receive a significant of income requires a significant investment up front. In other words, It takes money to make money.


Creating Assets Out Of Thin Air

Now we’re talkin! These are my favorite kind of assets. I love stories of people starting out with nothing but an idea and building an absolute fortune! If you want to start acquiring assets but don’t have a lot of extra cash, building your own assets may be the way to go.


Did You Know Websites Can Be Assets?


Everybody know’s that Mark Zuckerberg turned Facebook into an empire and that he is now worth a Gazillion dollars. While the vast majority of people obviously will never see that kind of success, there are thousands of people who are building websites and making great money with them.


Did You Know You Can Have FREE Website Up And Running In Under

30 Seconds?


Website in 30 seconds

 Here’s all you have to do


1) Sign up for FREE (No credit card required)
2) Watch the video
3) Build YOUR own site
Any questions or comments? Please leave them in the box below.

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