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There are 3 main reasons why I created Fire My Boss.


  • A place for people to rant or tell funny stories about bosses
  • Help people find a cure for the common boss
  • Help people break their addiction to paychecks


My Boss Is An Idiot!


I’ve had every kind of boss you can imagine over the years. Some of them where great, some of them…… well…… I’m surprised they could operate a door knob to get out of the house everyday! If you have a rant or funny story about your boss or an ex-boss, click on over to the Story section and drop it in the comment box. I’d love to read about it.

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What Is Opinion Outpost?

Thousands of people are looking for information every month on Opinion Outpost. Since this is such a popular search term, I figured I would give this thing a shot so I can provide a thorough review.

So, what is opinion outpost? Is it legit? Can you really make money with this particular survey site?


My Opinion Counts – Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost has a fairly simple sign up process provided you sign up on the right page. When I tried to open my account on the home page (pictured above) I never did receive a confirmation email. They encourage you to contact them at their help desk if you have any problems. I tried but clicking the link does nothing.


So, I tried to register through a different page on their site and this time I received a confirmation email immediately. Looking good so far. Then, I clicked the link provided within the email to set up my account. There is a 5 page set up process where they collect some personal information about you.


This is so they can provide the most appropriate surveys for you based on your current lifestyle and so forth. Well, on the second page I encounter another problem. They don’t like the postal address that I’m entering.


I tried a half a dozen times and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with the address I was providing. After several unsuccessful attempts, it automatically redirects you to another page with a help desk link. After clicking that link several times, I learned that it’s a dead link. It leads nowhere! Are you kidding me?


Opinion Outpost Complaints


I started to do some research to see if others had the same kind of problem. While I didn’t see complaints on that specific problem, there were some other complaints. One common theme I noticed was that many people were saying that opinion outpost used to be a great site but has been going downhill recently.


Some people claim that they are having a hard time cashing out on the credits they’ve earned. Now, to be fair, I did see more reports of people who claim they have been paid what they earned without any problems whatsoever. The money that you can earn compared to the time invested is nowhere near my #1 recommendation, but they do pay according to many.


Common Survey Site Problems


No money making venture is perfect but some have common problems that can be extremely irritating. One of those problems that is common to all survey sites (including Opinion Outpost) is that you can waste a lot of time filling out pre-surveys only to find out that you don’t qualify for the actual paying survey!


If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s anything that wastes my time! The amount of money that you can make by filling out surveys is low enough as it is. You don’t deserve to have your time wasted by people who want to pre-qualify you to see if you are worth a few cents for a good chunk of an hour.


How Much Money Are People Making With Opinion Outpost?


I have seen people in comment sections posting their earnings with Opinion Outpost and the best I have seen is the equivalent of $6.50 per hour. This is actually not bad relative to other survey sites. If you could qualify for enough of these to work 40 hours per (or more if wanted to) it might be perfect for some people. Unfortunately, there are never that many qualified surveys available in a given week.


My Final Opinion


While I was willing to give Opinion Outpost an honest go, I found myself wasting too much time just trying to get my account set up. It would be crazy for me to take time away from my business to pursue such low pay that I may or may not qualify for.


Even in a best case scenario, you are only paid one time for your work. I prefer to work on things that have the potential to pay me over and over again for work performed one time! That is the beauty of building a real online business!


Do you like the idea of owning a business that pays you over and over again? Don’t know where to begin? Get started for free by clicking the blue button below.




How To Make Money With Websites

This will not be your typical “how to make money with websites” type article. If you did a Google search for this phrase, you likely found sites that give you a long list of techniques that you can use to monetize a site. While this generally good advise for the most part, they only apply to people who already get a good amount of daily traffic. If you don’t know how to build a website and get traffic to that site, all the monetization methods in the world won’t help you.


How To Build Websites That Make Money


Before you can begin to make money with websites, you need to understand the process behind building a profitable website like they teach through my #1 recommendation. The process, in a nutshell, works like this:

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How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

In this article I want to discuss how to improve your Alexa ranking but I also want to discuss why it shouldn’t be of significance when trying to improve the overall ranking of your site. Many new webmasters make the mistake of using Alexa ranking as an important metric in their progress. I’m going to explain why it isn’t very important before I get into the how of improving it.


What Is Alexa Ranking?


What you need to understand is how Alexa gathers data for it’s rankings. It’s really quite simple. Alexa offers a free, downloadable toolbar that creates an extension to your web browser. Alexa gathers data based on the number of Alexa toolbar users who visit a particular website.


In other words, if someone visits your site but they don’t have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, their visit is not counted or added toward the Alexa stat. For me, this is enough of a reason to completely ignore Alexa when monitoring the progress of my own sites.



Here are 2 stats for this site. While I have no interest in revealing my true traffic numbers, I can tell you that I get a lot more that 1.6 visitors per day. Even if I received more Alexa toolbar users visiting my site, it would have no bearing on my search engine rankings or any any other ranking that I would consider to be important.


Improving Your Alexa Ranking 


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If you still want to learn how to improve your Alexa ranking, they do offer several pricing plans that track certain stats. Alexa stats that is.


I can tell you that many of the stats they track can be tracked for free by installing Google Analytics on your site. Since Google still owns a major portion of the search traffic, your stats will be much accurate.


I also use Bing Webmaster tools which gives me stats for Bing and Yahoo users who visit my sites.


There is one more thing I forgot to mention about using the premium Alexa services. You have to provide your website stats to them! Alexa has no access to your true stats so they need you to provide them so they can take your data (based on what tell them) and calculate your rank from that!


The only way to truly improve your Alexa ranking is to have more Alexa users visit your site. If you improve your search engine rankings in the major search engines, chances are some of those people will just happen to be Alexa users. Again, it is basically a useless stat.


Improving Rankings That Matter 


If you want to improve rankings that really mean something, learn how to improve website rankings in Google and stop wasting time chasing useless stats. Google does not pay any attention to Alexa rankings and neither should you.



What Is PayRipo?

I’ve recently read some claims from people saying they are making great money with PayRipo. I’m always curious to see what people are doing to earn money online so I figured I would check it out. So, what is PayRipo and does it live up to the hype?


1500$ In Your First Week Guaranteed?


That is how they write $1,500 on their site. This guarantee follows some of the most poorly written sales copy I’ve ever seen! Maybe they should use their own program and hire a decent editor :) But seriously, how can they guarantee that much money in one week? They can’t!

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What Is PayMeZox?

I am making a gazillion dollars a month. Just Google PayMeZox.com to learn more.



Perhaps you’ve seen comment spam like this. That may even be what lead you here. It’s hard to find any legitimate reviews on paymezox.com but my experience working online makes it easy enough to tell what’s really going on.



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What Is The Best Internet Marketing Course? – Top 3

If you’ve looking for ways to make some money online, you’ve probably seen many courses out there. Most of them are bad but there are a few good ones. I’m going to cover the top 3 here and hopefully, you will know what is the best internet marketing course for you.


There are several criteria I use to judge which internet marketing courses are the best.


  • Price
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Support


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What Is Home Profit System?

What Is Home Profit System


Home Profit System is an ever evolving make money at home scam. The offers change so often that it becomes hard to tell exactly who they are associated with or what they are promoting. This article will show you what they’re up to now.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Most people have a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works. You build a website, people find your website, then you lead your readers to another website where they hopefully make a purchase for which you will earn a commission. If you have some experience with this, you may have already figured out that there is more to it than that. So, what is it you’ve been missing? How does affiliate marketing really work?

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The Right Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Have you been intrigued with the idea of learning affiliate marketing? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the information and product pitches out there? I understand! Relax. I’m going to show you how to learn affiliate marketing without spending any money upfront.


Here’s what I’m offering:


  • 2 FREE Websites
  • Free Hosting
  • 60 Free Keyword Searches With The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tools In The Industry!
  • 10 Free Lessons
  • LIVE expert Help And Advise!

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Is The Law Of Attraction Scientific?

Several “New Age” guru’s are using the extremely complicated concepts of quantum mechanics and trying to tie them to this Law Of Attraction. But, is the Law Of Attraction scientific or more philosophical? While I do believe that some of the principals taught in the Law Of Attraction may have (limited) practical applications, many of the claims appear to be pure fantasy.


Good Vibrations


In part, the Law Of Attraction is based on the notion that our brains send out “vibrating energy” of some kind. The idea is that there are two opposing energy pools that permeate the entire universe (positive & negative) just waiting to be tapped into. If you focus on positive things, you can tap into the positive energy pool thus yielding positive results in your life.


Now, since the proponents of these idea’s like to use scientific jargon to make their case, I have to assume that they are using the scientific definition of “energy”. There is no doubt that energy does in fact permeate the entire Universe. Our Universe runs on energy. However, energy is entirely neutral. Energy itself is not positive or negative. It just is. It does not and cannot know or care what we think.

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