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There are 3 main reasons why I created Fire My Boss.


  • A place for people to rant or tell funny stories about bosses
  • Help people find a cure for the common boss
  • Help people break their addiction to paychecks


My Boss Is An Idiot!


I’ve had every kind of boss you can imagine over the years. Some of them where great, some of them…… well…… I’m surprised they could operate a door knob to get out of the house everyday! If you have a rant or funny story about your boss or an ex-boss, click on over to the Story section and drop it in the comment box. I’d love to read about it.

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How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website

Finding the right keywords for your website can be difference between lots of free, targeted traffic or having your website lost in cyber space along with millions of other sites. The secret is knowing what kind of information your audience is seeking. Information that your competitors have overlooked.


In this article, I’m going to show how to find the best keywords for a website by finding those little gems left behind by marketers who choose to fight over the more competitive keyword phrases. These phrases may not have high monthly search volume, but they will be much easier to rank for.

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Online Business Success Rate

Have you ever wondered what the online business success rate is? I know I have. Since we all have our own definition of success and because there is no way of officially keeping track, the best we can do is take an educated guess. Most estimates are in the 2% – 5% range.


If we use the more optimistic guess of 5%, that puts the odds on par with traditional, bricks and mortar businesses. 95% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years and this statistic has been true for many years now. The percentage of online businesses that fail is likely higher than 95% but for very different reasons.

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Home Job Group – Legit Or Scam?

Home Job Group


Program: Home Job Group
Website: http://www.homejobgroup.com/
Owners: Anonymous
Price: Free sample jobs
One time fee to access all jobs


What Is Home Job Group?

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Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

The “How To” when it comes to choosing a domain name is something too many people spend too much time struggling over. It’s really not that difficult. Think about domain names like Google or Facebook. They’re not incredibly clever or witty. Simple and memorable is all you need sometimes.


Building A Brand


Thinking in terms of branding is something that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. In other words, rather than choosing a domain name that matches a popular search phrase, people are opting for creating their own brand and choosing their domain names accordingly. For many, it has paid off.

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What Is Killer Content System?

Killer Content System

Click To Watch Sales Video

Product: Killer Content System

Website: http://killercontent.com

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Price: $37 Plus Up sells

Rank: 6 Out Of 10




If you decide to watch the sales video, you will notice that he shows screenshots of huge Clickbank earnings. What you need to understand is that this program is also sold through Clickbank which means there are many affiliate marketers out there promoting this product for him. You are not likely to make that kind of money by simply following the training in this program.

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Be The Boss Network Review

Br The Boss Network ReviewName: Be The Boss Network
Website: http://www.bethebossnetwork.com/
Cost: Free
Rank: NA

Be The Boss Network is simply a directory of different MLM’s that you can join through their site. You won’t get any more information than what is provided through each individual MLM’s sales page.




Are There Any Costs Involved?

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What Is My Lead System PRO?

My Lead System PROProduct: My Lead System PRO
Website: www.mlmleadsystempro.com
Owner(s): Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder
Todd Schlomer, CEO and Cofounder Brian Fanale
Price: $149.97 – $1,499.97 Per Year




Overview Of My Lead System PRO 

This product claims to help eliminate one of the biggest problems that plagues most MLMer’s. If you are or have been involved with an MLM, you will probably relate to this.

What is the first thing you are taught to do?

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What Is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

csmWhat is Coffee Shop Millionaire? What kind of images come to mind when you read those words? Can you learn to open a bunch of your own coffee shops and earn millions?

I’m being facetious of course.


He could have just as easily named it “Kitchen Table Millionaire”, “Couch Potato Millionaire” or “In My Underwear Millionaire”. As long as YOU are convinced that following this program will make YOU a millionaire, every other word is irrelevant.


So, let’s take a look at what Coffee Shop Millionaire has to offer shall we?

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What Is Instant Payday Network?

What is Instant Payday Network? How “instant” is it and will you really get paid at all? I’ll break this thing down for you and let you decide.


The squeeze page you see pictured to the right is one of 4 different squeeze pages you may encounter before learning anything about Instant Payday Network. They do not have a landing page that you can access without giving someone your “best” email address.


In case you are wondering, part of your job will be to use one of these squeeze pages to promote this program yourself.



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What Is Paidverts.com?

What is paidverts.comWhat is paidverts.com? In this article I’m going to explain how paidverts.com works and what you can expect to earn depending on your level of investment.


I am NOT an affiliate of paidverts.com so you won’t find a referral link here. Just the basic information you’ll need to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.





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